Episode 109

The JV Club

Boys of Summer: Oscar Nunez

The JV Club #109: Boys of Summer: Oscar Nunez

Things you will know A LOT about after you finish this episode with the simply delightful Oscar Nunez (The Office): Hot dogs! Dental technology! And the entire history of Castro’s dictatorship in Cuba! And heads-up – this might be the most giggly Janet has ever been on the podcast. You’ve been warned!

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  • Jesuits are pretty much the best order of Catholicism (the one true religion ;), being a lapsed Catholic atheist), being all scientific and otherwise about charity and helping others and stuff. The current Pope is a perfect example of it.

    And MASH has never been an exclusively girly thing. I recalled playing it in elementary school too.

    And finally, I share Oscar’s love of piano but complete lack of skill (though I took classes for 12 years, I always stayed at the low level).

  • I agree that there is a different energy with guys on the podcast. Not any better or worse, just different. Definitely fun to listen to! I remember my science books in high school would explain the science, and then every other paragraph or so, it’d throw in “And God made it all! Isn’t God amazing?” I found great humor in highlighting “Isn’t God amazing?” every time it appeared in the textbook and nothing else. 

  • This episode was so much fun I love Oscar’s anecdotes! When you guys were talking about translating dogs’ thoughts it reminded me ‘No More Woof’ which was developed by some Scandinavians that can translate basic dog thoughts and it can have different programmable voices like a GPS. But, I love Oscar’s MASH game with the different carts, I would totally invest in those lol. I love the Boys of Summer series and I can’t wait for more!!