Episode 108

The JV Club

Boys of Summer: Steve Agee

The JV Club #108: Boys of Summer: Steve Agee

Military-schooled Steve Agee (The Sarah Silverman Program) is the guest for the premiere of the “Boys of Summer” series on The JV Club! Tools you may find useful: rock-climbing gear, headphones, a Trans-Am and a bottle of Boone’s.

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  • I’ve only puked from drinking once, at the tender age of 33. But I can’t say I’ve been without stomach flu or other pukey illnesses in 25 years.

    That being said, Toronto has zero winter to speak of. You Southerners are funny about that. Which reminds me I’ll be going there soon. It’s been a while too.

  • Woops….

    I was saying I just saw Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham’s new show, Playing House, and I wanted to let you know that they totes stole your theme song! Now you should have them on and give them grief about it (Maybe you did already? Don’t recall. Would have to dig through your archive, and that would require work. ;D) Whether for realsies or for funsies is up to you. No worries though, Say Hi will always be associated with The JV Club to me.

    Keep up the awesome podcast!

  • HI Janet! I thought of a new MASH category. Who is someone in your family that has passed away that you’d love to have back as a companion whenever you wanted? Also since you’ve been to Chicago now, thought you may be interested in checking out WBEZ’s curious city podcast, which is quick to listen to, and has fun facts about Chicago, you can find it on itunes. I live here (North of Chicago), and enjoy this city immensely!