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Jennette McCurdy

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The JV Club #106: Jennette McCurdy

In this very special episode, Janet podcasts her very own DAUGHTER! … Well, at least someone who played her daughter in a thing. It’s the terrific Jennette McCurdy (Sam and Cat) and a sitting-on-the-rug hangout, covering such topics as feminism, faith, and becoming a real life Ghostbuster.

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  • Guys! Thanks for the great notes! darth- I’m about to check out that link- thanks! And thanks for the Warehouse 13 shoutout, the Paris song, the sweet comments about the episode and how great Jennette is! Hooray for all of us!

  • I wondering how it was gonna go because I didnt know/think if she had a high school experience and is younger than most guests and this was such a fun interview! And the Buffy reference related question was awesome! Also I’m now a fan of Jennette with her lovely personality and all the geek cred she showed!

  • As Whistler and Vancouver are my old hometowns, I can relate to the weather. If I didn’t have snowsports, it would have been too difficult with lack of sun. The trick is to get above the clouds to where there is sun and snow! Fortunately for Vancouver – it’s beauty outweighs it’s lack of sun. I will admit to calling it “Rain” Couver on more than one occasion.
    As for I-Carly, although it is a little after my time, I used to look after a tween up in Whistler and her favorite show was I-Carly, so I am schooled in many episodes. I always enjoyed watching it with my friend. I like how it showed the evolution of social media in regards to teenagers and their usage of it.

  • I know she’s under 25, but she speaks with the intelligence and maturity of someone older – - -until she starts talking about boys! Hahaha!! She does have a future in acting! By the way, loved your guest appearance in Warehouse 13 Janet!!

  • I just started listening to the podcast today (this being my first one) and I love it. Love the voice, the guest and the questions. I only realized half way through that Janet Varney is the voice of Korra which I also love.

  • I also miss gold-medal ribbon ice cream, though the one I was used to was 2/3 chocolate flavored, 1/3 vanilla with butterscotch (it’s the chocolate/fudge with the butterscotch that seals the deal). At some point Rolo ice cream seemed to have supplanted it and I couldn’t find it anymore.

  • I didn’t like sparkling water (still don’t) but last time I visited Germany, I suddenly adapted to their love of their non-flat apple juice: apfelschorle (well, it’s apple juice and carbonated water, and less sweet than pure juice). As a kid I hated that stuff. Tastes change I guess.

    And Paris is neat, but I’ve got so many other places in Europe to visit. Besides, last time I went was with my ex-wife (not ex- yet at the time). Still, a Brassens song about Paris, the bridges over the Seine and break-ups feels appropriate to post here.

  • Love Jennette. Weirdly enough, I’m in my 30s and I’m a big fan of Sam & Cat. There’s so many prime-time, geared towards adult sitcoms that are not nearly as funny. I was pleasantly surprised to catch her on the Nerdist podcast a little bit ago and I’m psyched she’s doing more of these things.

  • Oof, I kind if just slid away from any religious views I’d had without any real drama or face-to-face arguments. Standing up to an authority figure on a matter of principle as a kid is pretty kick-ass.

  • One of the things that I love about the podcast is hearing from women who are a step ahead of me in life. That being said, it was really fun and interesting to have someone my own age on. I’d been hoping you’d get Jennette on after I listened to her on the Nerdist podcast. As always, I loved the talk on religion and hearing about both of your experiences with that. And let’s not get off on another apple tangent…