Episode 104

The JV Club

Aisha Tyler

The JV Club #104: Aisha Tyler

It’s a deep-delving discussion of ethics and morality (science fiction nerds welcome!) with the inimitable Aisha Tyler, otherwise known as a video gaming champ of her local laundromat. Plus: enough rad book recommendations to last you for weeks!

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  • Great interview! Loved the natural flow of the convo, so natural. I also fee like I learned something to. One thing I shared with you both is my love of reading, especially when I was younger. I remember reading 10 books over a weekend when I was in grade 6. Those were the days.

  • two of my favourite podcasters podcasting together?! amazing! absolutely loved this episode, i’m glad your schedules matched at last so we could all enjoy this!

  • This convo brought out a late of questions for me for example being a vegetarian. It is getting harder and harder for me to not feel guilty when I eat meat. I sometimes involuntarily picture the animal I am eating as alive , and its kinda disconcerting.

  • The novels Aisha Tyler was striving to name were probably the two by Dan Simmons, OLYMPOS and ILIUM. I need to read these myself.

    I suspect the hypothesis that we developed our brains, or could develop our brains, because of eating meat is more reassuring than reality-based…gorillas and certain species of whales and various other extremely intelligent animals are, if not vegetarian, at least lean veg. One might as well suggest we lost our fur for the most part because we could figure out how to wear clothes…seems more likely we learned to wear clothes when some of us moved out of the areas where the heat made fur less necessary. But I’m certainly a lacto-ovo (or as I refer to it, lazy) vegetarian, which makes it easy to keep up the B vitamins and isn’t too hard to eat in nearly all circumstances, if not in most rib joints.

  • Another, earlier “quiet, grinding down” not quite apocalypse novel that might well reward you would be (Ms.) Leigh Brackett’s THE LONG TOMORROW…reissued recently by the Library of America:

    And since I’m commenting when he came up…Ryan Reynolds has played the stunted man-child so well (DEFINITELY MAYBE and all those roles) that I suspect he is suffering from typecasting, at least in the perception of too many.

  • OMG!!! Too . . .Much . . pod,.Podcast . . .GOODNESS! Uhhh! (+plop!)
    My 2 favorite female podcasters (Hahahahaa!!!) My 2 favorite podcasters on 1 show, talking so profoundly and profanely!! Now I’m waiting for JV to be on GOG!! All the “!!!”

  • I feel like I could write pages of comments on this one, so I’ll just say one very pointy thing.

    Janet: The “mille” in mille-feuille is pronounced like “mill”, not like in “famille” (or the ille in “feuille”; mille, tranquille and ville are like the three exceptions to the weird usual pronunciation of “ille” in French ).

  • It’s not the same book, but Aisha’s description reminded me of Rainbow Mars, which ALSO features time travel and a space elevator (although in this case, the space elevator is a plant).

    The main character’s keeps trying to bring back extinct animals from his distant past, but the time machine keeps drifting into other timelines that coincidentally resemble classic SF and fantasy worlds.