Episode 99

The Indoor Kids

News Hour with Kumail,…

The Indoor Kids #99: News Hour with Kumail, Emily, and Burnside

Today they decided to take on some of the bigger news stories of the week- damsels in distress, the used games controversy, which Tetris piece you would be, games being added to the MoMA, and all the stuff these three Indoor Kids are playing! It’s hosty as shit.

Games Discussed

Injustice, Lego City Undercover (Wii U and 3DS), Tomb Raider, Resident Evil: Revelations, Halo 4, Badland, and Pac-Man

Comic Books Discussed

The Invisibles

Books Discussed

Confessions Of A Sociopath


Damsels in Distress
Used Games

(Drawing of Emily and Kumail and Ico and Yorda by Andrew Nixon)

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  • man…… feminist sh1t will not stop :( we get it, we get it…. fuck dudes, girls are strong respectable individuals too. my bad for saving girls in games.

  • Hey Emily, Kumail and Burnside! Just listened to today’s show and though it’s not a big deal, I thought I’d point out that the Lego City Wii U versus 3DS games are very similar, but aren’t actually the same game.

    I haven’t played them myself yet, but I know the 3DS version is a prequel story with a different story line and wondered: had that come up between Emily and Matthew at all?

  • otisfunkyshits: I haven’t yet delved into the new Dr. Who (it’s an inevitability; just haven’t had the chance yet)… but if Ayoade is chosen, I WILL GO WHO-CRAZY. That man can do no wrong.

  • I wonder if used games don’t help sequels sell better. I bought Dragon Age: Origins used and loved it so much I pre-ordered Dragon Age 2 (which I liked, shut up). Anyone else do that? I reckon some other people did that.

    Also: a Skype conversation between Kumail, Emily, and Jim Sterling would be the best.

  • The point of Tropes VS Women in Games is not to really make an argument but showcase repeated sexist tropes in games for academia use. It’s a continuation of a series she did for TV/Film and the only reason why it’s this huge thing now is because of the neckbeards repeatedly using sexist/anti-semetic against her, which led to more support for her kickstarter.

    She even says in the video herself that the creators and some of the titles in the video aren’t inherently sexist.

  • Holy shite, the didn’t know who Totalbiscuit is? Its LONG overdue that the Indoor Kids get more into the whole, enormous world if lets players on YouTube. They don’t know who The Yogscast are, mindcrack, Jesus, they’re behind the times

  • Awesome to hear Kumail is liking the joystick for fighting games. I can’t imagine playing fighting games with a pad, that seems so unnatural. I have 2 Japanese sticks I imported way back in the PS2 days and still use to this day for fighting games. Definitely suggest the convex buttons.

  • You guys should get TotalBiscuit on the show. He would be a wealth of knowledge. He may be at E3. You could also get his TGS co-hosts on sometime Dodger and Jesse.

    PS. Love the show. Keep up the good work.

  • It was interesting to hear you discuss the feminist frequency video, I saw it mentioned on the borderlands 2 forums
    To start with this a topic which should be discussed and the fact that the very idea gets so much hate is a real shame. I would say the debate I read previously while pretty defensive of borderlands was pretty good.
    Overall the videos weren’t the most interesting, did lack analysis and while the example did highlight high frequency the damsel concept appears in game it did get very reparative.
    I think the concept I would agree with is the idea that female characters constantly portrayed as weak or helpless is not good but I felt the analysis failed to really engage with this by missing a comparative evaluation of the frequency of different types of female characters or female protagonists compared to damsels. Also looking at where male characters fit this model, which I guess will be addressed in the next video.
    I think my biggest issue was the way it brushed aside the idea of story or internal logic, the idea that not all damsels are the same and that how bad or harmful this idea is will depend on the whole story in a game.
    And this ties into a lack of acceptance of game mechanics, the only subject is the player all other characters are object both male and female.

  • Being aggressive with discounts means you might lose a few of those full-priced sales, but you have to aim to capture even more sales from cheaper gamers. And the lesson that Valve seems to have learned is that to safeguard against that perceived devaluation of games, you have to keep throwing exciting content at your title and stay involved with the community.

    It runs almost completely against Microsoft’s current system, where they charge gamers for Live Gold and charge developers for the privilege of patching their titles. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if they’ll change any of that on the new Xbox.

    The other side of the equation is that publishers have to figure out how to get the right kind of scope with their games. Sure, it’s a new console generation, and people will expect prettier effects and nicer textures, but they can’t just increase the amount of money they’re throwing at their AAA titles indefinitely. You see these yearly franchises with five different studios grinding away to get the game out the door. Forget the $60 they’re charging upfront for a game- companies are now throwing DLC that costs as much all over again in an effort to recoup costs.

  • I always thought that Video Games could do a lot by looking at comics. Look, for instance, at how women are represented in Video Games. Women in Refridgerators ( did something very similar in the late 90s, but the goal was to discuss why there were a disproportionate amount of women who were maimed and/or killed to make male superheroes better. The key of this particular website (originally created by Gail Simone before she became a comics writer) was to not only list these women, but also have creators discuss why they killed/maimed female characters. This is well worth looking at because comics and video games have similar fanbases and artists/creators in common.

    As far as how video games are a “used market”, again, someone owning a comics store could tell you how they’re dealing with digital comics and the weird problems with distribution through closed markets and what that does to their used comics.

    Video Games and violence are the same discussions comics had in the 1950s. Self Regulation of codes in video games are the same regulations that comics faced in the 1950s-1980s. There are tons of similarities in market, attitude, and place in popular culture that would be interesting to explore…especially since the home of Nerdist is Meltdown Comics. I’d love for you guys to bring in a comics historian to talk about those similarities and give some historical background to how Comics and Video Games are similar. Gerard Jones (writer of Killing Monsters Why Children Need Fantasy, Superheroes and Make-Believe Violence and Men of Tomorrow – Geeks, Gangsters and the Birth of the Comic Book) would be an excellent person to interview for this.

    Comics and Video Games tend to be considered disposable juvenalia that people would grow up out of, given time. I think they could learn alot from eachother.

  • First off, publishers could not get together and agree on some sort of fixed track wherein all games are discounted by a set amount after a set time. That’s called “price-fixing” and it’s illegal in the United States. Publishers can independently decide to follow a certain pricing system (i.e., $60 games), but they cannot actively collude with each other to create a schedule for pricing.

    Second, publishers do not care about whether or not such a pricing system would be “fair” or somehow create a merit based pricing system. They want to sell their games for as much as possible for as long as possible. To that end, publishers change their prices based on how well the game is selling all the time. For example, in November Blacks Ops II, Halo 4, and Hitman Absolution all came out. Currently, Black Ops II sells for $60, Halo 4 sells for $40, and Hitman Absolution sells for $20. So each publisher made a decision based on the sales of each individual game as to whether to reduce the price and by how much.

  • it really must be said, this show would be much better without Emily. she’s a useless, unfunny appendage. She basically is all “yeah! that! what was the name of that game?” kumail, that does not mean you are that good, per se, (as an indian, i find it racist how often you throw out the racist card. [native american OR southern asian, i bet you cannot nail it.]) BUT YOU AREN’T THAT AWFUL.

    then again, gamers are the lowest folks. now back to candy crush saga!!!!

  • On used games – I know a lot of focus is on Gamestop but remember they are (mainly) a US company and the proposed method of dealing with things would prevent anyone from altruistically giving their game away , or from selling it privately on ebay or anywhere else.

    On the Doctor Who stuff it does sound like you think you’ve never seen Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) as The Doctor before ?

    You dont remember 14 years ago

    If so you should watch :

    Written by Stephen Moffat so is totally cannon :-)

    Wikipedia link if you cant get to the video :

  • Alright, as tempted as I always am to get into the sexism debate with one-dimensional, arrogant silly-beans like Hien, I MUST RESIST. I did want to say, however, that I found the episode’s general analysis of “Damsels in Distress” to be quite fair. I should say that her goal was (supposedly) to gather as many examples as possible for others to examine, and that analysis wasn’t quite the point of her videos. Given this assumption, though, she clearly hasn’t played many games. If we’re going to examine something SO subjective, I’d say it’s imperative to use data collected by someone who knows the material.

    That said, it’s absolutely appalling that she’s received so much BLIND HATRED for her work. I grew up in the late 80’s and 90’s, and I was told that women were, by most stretches of the imagination, equal in every way to men. Anti-female bias was gone; the fight was over. Unfortunately, working in male-dominated fields and seeing reactions like the above (en masse — this is, by no means, a singular incident) have proven to me that this is not the case.

    One final note: “parker stevenson IV,” your suggestions are baffling, at best. The vast majority of Indoor Kids fans will strongly disagree with you. Emily and Kumail are, in most of our eyes, the perfect balance of silliness and business. They’re both quite intelligent, and each has a unique humor that appeals to us in different ways. I’m happy that you’ve got opinions, and you’re obviously free to share them, but if you don’t like the podcast, you REALLY shouldn’t listen to it. You’re doing yourself a disservice, and you aren’t going to convince any of us to stop listening.

    Congrats on episode 99, guys! Looking forward to the big 100!

  • Alright, Parker. You clearly need a lesson in the difference between objectivity and subjectivity.

    Something that is objectively true is true from all points of view and can be proven using the scientific method. 1 + 1 = 2, for example, is an objective truth because no matter how many times you add it up, nor how many different people do the adding, the answer always comes out the same.

    Something that is subjectively true is only true under a certain set of circumstances, or is only true from a certain point of view. Subjective truths can be different for different people and can change as circumstances change. “Korean barbecue tastes good,” or “Johnny is handsome,” are examples of subjective truths.

    Keeping up with me? Good. Objective truths are also known as “facts” and subjective truths can also be called “opinions”. People who attempt to pass off their “opinions” as “facts” and are fucking rude about it are called “assholes”. Make sense? Class dismissed.

    Emily is wicked smart, well spoken, and hilarious. You can’t even take a coherent thought and put it into writing. I hope she doesn’t see your idiotic comment, but if she does I hope she keeps in mind that those who are too lazy or too cowardly to create sometimes attempt to make themselves feel just as powerful and worthy as those who aren’t by attempting to destroy, and that it says much more about you than it does about her.

  • Another great episode! Thanks to the Indoor Kids for making my commute to work bearable. That Ico picture of you both is awesome. Kudos to the creator.