Episode 70

The Indoor Kids

Everything Bond with Mira,…

The Indoor Kids #70: Everything Bond with Mira, Matt Mira

This week Matt Mira (Attack of the Show, Nerdist podcast, duh) joins Kumail and Emily to discuss the Star Wars/Disney news, the upcoming Skyfall, and every single Bond game that Matt has played, which is a lot.

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  • Great episode! Matt is clearly a huge Bond fan and is very excited to get into detail, I love it! There’s literally no better guest to talk to about 007 and his games.
    Back in high school I did my Senior English project on James Bond and actually quoted the Plenty O’Toole line in class. So very long ago.

    Also, the two of you, Matt, and Pete seeing Wreck It Ralph together (then shopping for video games after) kind of melts my brain.
    That’s all, love you guys!

  • Off topic I guess, but I started up a game of the 90s PC classic XCOM Ufo Defense on the weekend, and I named all of my soldiers after people with podcasts hosted on Nerdist, and Kumail is the one who was promoted to Colonel (Matt and Pete Holmes are the Captains). Chris Hardwick keeps getting killed – I’m up to squaddie Chris Hardwick IV.

  • Legends is bad, but in its defense.. there is a laser cannon in the film during the attack, they use it to get through the armored door. So it makes perfect sense for the game to use it.

  • Context of the Good Sign, Bad sign song…..In the west Indian culture a lot of us are mixed with black, Chinese, Indian and Portuguese that’s why he is mentioning all the different ethinic groups. He’s saying EVERYONE on the island is talking about him. This song is based out of Trinidad. The guy in the song is singing about some of the nonsense island superstition and exposing them. Great song!!

  • I’m trying to think about the first movie U saw where I consciensly said “Wow, that sucked.” And I really can’t. I think the closest I have is Order of the Phoenix, the only HP movie I walked out thinking “I don’t know if I liked that” and made me go into future movies with the mindset “This is going to be the worst movie ever.”

    That said, I see Dark Shadows and thought “That kindof sucked.”

    NOTE: Right before I hit “Publish”, I remembered that my dad took me, my brother, and my mother too The Animal when I was 9 and thinking “Wow! This sucks!”

  • Matt seriously needs his own show. I know he’s on the main podcast, but most of the other chumps on that are pretty annoying. He could do something like this episode where he just yammers about random stream-of-consciousness topics, what is your favorite whatever really random trivia you’d never expect. If there is anything Matt is in, I am like SO WATCHING(etc) THAT immediately.

  • @Kumail: To answer your question that Matt instinctually answered incorrectly, the singer who sang on that recording of “Good Sign, Bad Sign” was Monty Norman himself. He made an album around 2005-ish called “Completing the Circle,” with “Good Sign, Bad Sign” immediatly followed on the album by “James Bond Theme” and “Dum Di-Di Dum Dum.”

  • *Warning* The following opinion is likely to upset some readers. But it is just that… an opinion. Feel free to not read any further.

    I remember adoring this podcast when I first started listening to it. A podcast about video games and people who play them? Yes please!!! Though I realize they never set out to make it all about video games, at least the earlier episodes were mostly about the games. Several of the recent episodes seem too much like any other comedy podcast, with a very brief discussion about video games mixed in. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Kumail and Emily. The guests are always fun and interesting. I will probably listen to this podcast until they decide to call it quits. I just miss when it was more about video games, since that’s why I became an avid fan in the first place.

    Much like G4’s Attack of the Show and X-Play, I feel oddly cheated for continuing to tune in every week, when the show has started to stray so much from what made me love them in the first place. Those shows started making major changes to their format, when there was nothing wrong with them in the first place (again, just my opinion). But I digress. I realize change can be a good thing, and I have to accept that I can’t always get what I want; especially when it’s being offered to me for free. I honestly rarely feel the need to comment on things like this, but something in me just needed to get this off my chest. For those who read this, and don’t feel the need to rip me a new one, thanks for listening.

  • First time I have listened to The Indoor Kids, and will most likley be the last.

    Never before have I come across such a mess of a podcast. I would expect them to walk through all the 007 movies, but no. Instead we get 30 minutes of just rambling, then just random mentions of different 007 movies.

    Everyone was interrupting each other, while others attempting (poorly) at throwing out jokes in the background etc.

    Was a train wreck.

  • First movie walked out of: Wild Wild West. It’s especially sad knowing that Will Smith turned down the Matrix (Morpheus) to play some cowboy in steampunk-world. Terrible!