Episode 69

The Indoor Kids

Grownup Scary with Motion…

The Indoor Kids #69: Grownup Scary with Motion City Soundtrack

This week, Kumail and Emily are joined by Justin Pierre and Tony Thaxton of the band Motion City Soundtrack to talk about things that scare us in life, in video games, in movies, and more! Plus you’ll get an inside look into the life of a touring performer/gamer!

Listen to and get more info on Motion City Soundtrack and play the Motion City Soundtrack video game!

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  • Do you guys think that you’ll have Justin Roiland on the podcast again? He seemed like a first adopter type, so it would be great to hear his opinions on some of the platform innovations in the past year. EA recently announced that they would increase resources spent on Ipad Small.

  • I suffered from sleep paralysis as a kid. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Your brain is semi-awake but your body is still in sleep mode. You’re unable to move and stuck in a conscious nightmare. Terrifying for a kid that thought monsters were under his bed. Imagine laying in your bed, unable to move, with the sense that something is just outside of your peripheral vision and you can hear it growling.

    ‘The Gate’. Thanks Emily. Just when I thought I was rid of the nightmares. That scene when “the parents” come home, the father’s face gets ripped off and the puss pours out *shuddering*. Yeah, thanks.

  • When I was five, my family moved to a new house, and my bed ran lengthwise against one wall. I was scared of sleeping on my left side, because I’d hear these scary muffled footsteps and leave my back exposed to the rest of this big new room. Turns out it was just the sound of my pulse!

    Also, performers talking about shitty gigs in shitty parts of town in should always have Hello City playing in the background:

  • Grrrr… It’s people like that Devon chump up there that burn me up. Crazy props your way, guys; I could never take spoiled internet bastards in stride the way you do. Heh… the internet makes semi-shut-in life even more socially infuriating than forced extroversion.

    So, just offsetting his nonsense to say: thank you so very much for this day-brightening thing you do for us every week for free. I would never look your gift horse in the mouth… I know that thang got quality chompers.

  • Oh, and on topic…

    David Lynch terrifies me in the best way. It’s the unqualifiable scary that gets me. Twin Peaks, under the right circumstances, is very scary (especially the movie).

    I bet if you guys liked Beyond the Black Rainbow, you’d like Inland Empire… lots of people discount it, because it seems like arty bullshit, but remember that David Lynch has no pretentious meaning behind any of the things he creates. He just does stuff he thinks will evoke an experience, and Inland Empire is an amazing one if you watch it under the right circumstances. I’ve never seen another movie that better captures dream/nightmare/hallucination logic.

    If you’ve seen it, I’d really love to hear your take.

  • Legend does NOT hold up for the reasons the guest described. However, Tim Curry’s makeup and characterization were great. Willow holds up, as does IT.

    Kumail and Emily, you guys might enjoy a korean horror movie called “A Tale Of Two Sisters”.

  • Another good show! Thanks for that!

    Amnesia : The Dark Descent is a VERY good game for scary-stuffs. I know that you guys ( Kumail and Emily ) are more console gamers, but I am looking forward to the day that you expand into more PC games.

    Either way, love the show and will listen again next week. :)

  • If you really want to be scared by disproportionate body horror, google “the enigma of amigara fault”. It’s a short Japanese horror comic you can read for free online. Happy Halloween!

  • Dear Emily and Kumail, I love your show and you guys (but I hope in non creepy way). Would you guys considering to the Indoor Kids a couple of times a week? Please oh please…Please! Oh there is a subtle reference to Doctor Who in Borderlands 2.

  • In addition, Neil Innes is the main minstrel singing “Brave Sir Robin ran away…” and the band itself was the house band for “Do Not Adjust Your Set,” the British kids (!) program hosted by 3/5ths of Python (Idle, Jones, Palin) and which had early animations by Terry Gilliam. They are cited as having a huge dadaist/situationist influence on the rather staid, sketch-related Oxbridge inclinations of the young Pythons.

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