Episode 65

The Indoor Kids

Hodgepodge with Anthony…

The Indoor Kids #65: Hodgepodge with Anthony Jeselnik and Ground Kontrol!

The Indoor Kids have put together this cornucopia of video game fun, including (but not limited to) our thoughts on Wii-U, an interview with the general manager of Ground Kontrol in Portland, us geeking out at Ground Kontrol, and an interview with Anthony Jeselnik that covers his foray into Nintendo championships as well as wrestling.

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  • Awesome, show as usual. Guys come to some UK events. You have a lot of fans over here. Kumail do a London show! Me and a lot of people I know would definitely love to see you.

  • Jaws Unleashed was a fantastic guilty pleasure of mine. The game had a storyline that was funny in that humans were the bad guys and dumping waste into the water, thus giving Jaws a reason for killing hundreds of innocent people. And the graphics were fun in that every person, animal, and boat had different ways of motion/reaction to where you could target certain limbs on people and rip them apart. They even had movie-like reactions where if a person had their legs ripped off they would slowly try to swim away or to the surface if you dragged them down underwater. At the same time, their guts would be floating in the water behind them and torn off limbs would twitch as they floated away.

  • I used to own Good Morning Vietnam on vhs as a three year old child. I remember the radio scenes specifically for their sounds and I feel that ‘Danang Me, Danang Me!” is a joke that Kumail wrote just for fucking me. He doesn’t know who I am, but what other answer can there be?
    Also, I can recreate the soundscapes to the opening scene of Tim Burton’s Batman, because I watched it around the same time and I’m stupid with mouth/sound stuff.

  • Good enough episode, but very discombobulated. Why the sudden end, with no outro. It felt lik ethge conversation was still going when it ended.Was there something said that you decided to edit out?

  • Two screens would be great for poker. I think there’s an awesome potential for digital card games/poker nights/magic games which is huge without having to worry about dealers.

  • I love you guys, listened to this every week, even signed up for a Gamefly account — I appreciate your dedication to getting a quality show out every week even when you’ve obviously got other work to take care of.

    Kumail, why no standup while you were in Portland?