Episode 48

The Indoor Kids

E3 is coming, and so are…

The Indoor Kids #48: E3 is Coming, and So Are Child Serial Killers! (with Jordan Morris)

This week, Kumail and Emily welcome their own personal Alec Baldwin to the studio to talk about the games they’ve been playing, the things they’re looking forward to out of E3, and the nature of child psychopaths. Plus Emily tries to explain the appeal of Minecraft. Enjoy!
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  • I can hear Bagel in the first 2 minutes of the podcast! Best episode ever! When are you going to interview Bagel or play games with Bagel on the Nerdist channel? We want more Bagel!

  • I don’t like point and click games at all, but The Walking Dead game is great! Can’t wait for episode 2. I think I messed up though, because if I knew beforehand I could buy the whole thing for $20, I would have. Instead, I bought the first episode for $5, so they’re getting an extra $5 out of me.

  • Reallly funny episode, Jordan is always a great guest. Less funny is all the kid serial killer talk, since i have a 9 month old son. That freaks me out a bit. But thats ok. From what i hear about 50 shades of grey, it already is fan fic.

  • Something that a friend of mine pointed out to me, in regards to the Firefly theme song, is that it is highly entertaining to listen to on fast forward. Some fast fiddle playing.

  • Man, now I’m going to have to play minecraft too. I love this podcast, because you all are ACTUALLY excited about games. It’s infectious.

    Can’t wait for RE:6, but 20 hours is a long commitment, since it doesn’t include what I’m sure will be many stupidly hard boss fights like RE:5.

  • Can we not turn the gaming podcast into to the bagel podcast. Some people get way too excited about cats its bad enough cats and dogs took over the rest of the internet now they take over my fav podcast?

  • You know what my week needed? Bee puns and naughty cooking jokes! Great laughs in this eppy-sode! Everybody take a victory lap!
    I didn’t know anything about Star Hawk before this, but if it will feel AT ALL like a Firefly video game, I am in! Brown Coats Forever.

    Kumail, an easier way to get Emily into watching Buffy might be to watch the first season of the spin-off: Angel. The first episode of Angel was my first episode of anything Joss Whedon, and I was instantly hooked. It was such a fun, pitch perfect introduction to the Whedon-verse of vampires that I can’t recommend it highly enough on its own, or as a gateway drug to Buffy. Also, Angel has a lot less emotional melodrama than Buffy, which is BtVS’ only (and very minor) flaw in an otherwise practically perfect five seasons.

    Has Bagel played that “You vs Cat” game? Maybe she’s just trying to voice her opinion on why there aren’t more video games for our feline friends? Bagel might be a gamer too!

  • I’ve got a few questions/comments.

    1. Did Kumail make an awesome yoga/yogurt pun that seemed to go unnoticed?

    2. If you’re taking corrections, I’ve heard you, in previous episodes, refer to Master Chief as a silent protagonist. This is not true, as Master Chief does talk in the Halo games. Sure, he doesn’t have a ton to say and he’s not the most developed character in the world, but still, the term “silent protagonist” doesn’t apply.

    3. Oh my God! Have you seen the Skyrim DLC trailer?!!!!!

  • As an “Emily Spotter” myself, about a month ago I rented the Nerdist Year End 2011 show that was on BBC, and spotted her in the audience.

    What do I win?

  • I really really wish Jordan was on every episode. I love hearing him talk about games more recent than Street Fighter 2. At least a Pat Francis, third chair arrangement. This is maybe the funniest episode yet, except for maybe the most recent live ep with Jordan.

  • Psychopath camps are a terrible idea! They tried group therapy with psychopaths in the 70’s and released them when they thought they were sane again. Long story short, one guy got out and murdered a bunch of people and said that the therapy had taught him how to mimic emotions. Have a geeze at The Psychopath Test, by Jon Ronson

  • You guys should check out the movie “Boy A”. It came out in 2007 and stars Andrew Garfield. It’s about a kid who committed a murder at a young age, was incarcerated as a juvenile, then released at adulthood with a fake identity. The movie isn’t really about the murder, but more about his re-integration back into society. Not the most well written movie, but interesting nonetheless.

    First time commenting, but love you guys’ podcast and Kumail’s standup as well. I saw you in Madison last year!

  • My next door neighbour’s kid was diagnosed as being severely disturbed. They told us if she was an adult she would have been diagnosed a psychopath and schizophrenic. Used to hear her screaming bloody murder through the walls. Her parents weren’t much better. Reading that article really made a few things click. I’m glad they have moved on.