Episode 37

The Indoor Kids

Mass Effect Mass Effect…

The Indoor Kids #37: Mass Effect Mass Effect Mass Effect (with Nick Ahrens)

The Indoor Kids welcome Nick Ahrens (iam8bit) to enter the lair and discuss the entire Mass Effect franchise. We talk about the good, we talk about the bad, we talk about who has had sex with which people & what race they were. We also address the massive & epic ending controversy!

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  • Great episode for a great game!

    If you guys haven’t played it, you owe it to yourselves to check out Star Control 2. I don’t think it was mentioned in the episode – this came out in 1992 and has influenced Space Opera-style games since. If you like the mining, exploration, and aliens in Mass Effect, you’ll be in heaven. Frequently named one of the best games ever (including 17th greatest ever by IGN), and it’s now FREE!

    The creators released the source code to the fan base, who’ve ported it to run on modern machines: check out the Wikipedia page for a link to the game. My highest recommendation.

  • @Jason – All three said that they’re about ten hours in, but the story can’t really be measured in hours. They mention a few plot points, but not in too much detail.

    Best I can tell (I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that you encounter pretty much all your living crewmates in some capacity), if you’ve completed the mission where you reunite with Grunt (or Urdnot Dagg if Grunt died in 2), you should be safe.

  • Love you guys to death, but it’s kind of unwise to defend an ending you haven’t seen yet. Especially without taking into account all the hype and assurances that came from BioWare in the time leading up to the release of the game.

    They got preorders with those assurances and a lot of people are citing legitimate reasons why they feel what they got not only didn’t live up to those promises, but more and more evidence is coming out to support the claim that it was just artistically lazy. One of the problems is that there are a lot of people who have put so much faith in BioWare and aren’t really that invested or paying much attention to the story that they can’t see the problems with the ending and want to blindly defend the developer against what they perceive as an attack.

    Get the pure experience. Finish the game, watch the alternate endings on YouTube, and then google the GameFront article “Mass Effect 3 Ending Hatred: 5 Reasons The Fans Are Right”. A few articles have actually even gone up on the Forbes website in support of the fans.

    It’s also important to note that the people who are calling for a patched ending have stepped up and spoken with their wallets by raising nearly $50,000 so far for a charity called Child’s Play that works with the gaming industry to give toys and games to kids in 70 hospitals around the world.

  • I understand that it’s a new concept to demand a different outcome on what is essentially a piece of art – but it’s a false equivalency to compare the Mass Effect series to books. The entire premise of the series seems to be that your decisions matter and impact the galaxy at large. What fans are upset about is that the ending is basically boiled down to choosing what color your deus ex machina is, and little to no variation happens from the chain of events that brought you there.

  • Don’t worry about spoilers, “Indoor Kids” are casual as hell. They’re not real gamers, it’s just what they do in their spare time. Their last few podcasts were talking about catching up with ME2… in 2012. Don’t worry about anything with these folks. They never even played an Elder Scrolls game until Skyrim.

  • It’s funny, the talk about the colors and visual tones of Star Wars versus “mature” sci-fi. Heh… I have to admit that I find Mass Effect’s landscapes and ships to be boring, whereas I think the visuals of the Star Wars prequels are the only thing they did perfectly. :/ Mass Effect all just looks very “generic future clean” to me. Needs more grit.

  • The ending is not nearly as bad as some people are saying. Those end choices seemed perfect to me because there wasn’t an obviously good option the same thing as the Collector base decision in 2.

    The Reaper conflict was always secondary to me because they were not interesting characters. The conflicts with the other species have been the most interesting from the beginning and you get a resolution for all of those. Enjoy the ride!

  • @Fantas… I know you think you just burned ‘em good, but you basically just said “they don’t play video games as much because they have successful careers.”

  • @Reed: I don’t give a shit about “burning” random performers from LA. I love Kumail’s comedy, that’s why I keep listening. Their gaming credentials in the recent generation is questionable. But keep assuming, chump. If you’re playing ME2 in 2012 and then putting out a “gamer podcast,” you’re a casual. Take it as you will.