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Gaming with Friends! (with…

The Indoor Kids #32: Gaming with Friends! (with Blair Butler and Stephen Johnson)

Isn’t co-op gaming the best, especially when it’s with friends and not with strangers who call you terrible words? This week, Blair Butler and Stephen Johnson of G4 join us to talk about co-op gaming throughout our lives, our loves, and how we all played Horde Mode together the night before the recording. Also, we promote Stephen’s one man show, “Is the Bible Magic?” Then stay tuned for a Side Quest with Kumail and Emily doling out advice on the best games to play with your lovah… just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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  • Batman of Zurr-An-Arrh was an alter ego Bats made up when he did some sort of sensory deprivation experiment for the government back in the 60’s comics when he was forced to go to another planet because of the oppressive Comics Code Authority. It kicked back in when he had a heart attack from an explosive going off on his armor.

    After Batman got sent back in time by Darkseid’s omega beams he was sent back in time to the Stone Age where Vandal Savage was ruling over a violent tribe and some anomalies, like a giant bat got sent back. Whenever a total eclipse would happen he would be sent forward in time to another period and would have to leave clues for himself to keep his sanity while omega energy built up in his body so that he would destroy the universe by the time he arrived in the present day. Meanwhile, Dick Grayson became Batman and fought against a new cult based on crime-based religion (!) with Damian Wayne/Robin. This was Grant Morrison’s writing so the story seems very subjective and abstract.

    Batman: The Black Mirror is great because it’s from Scott Snyder, the guy who took over from Stephen King on Vertigo’s American Vampire series. The mounting creepiness of James Gordon, Jr.’s mental instabilty makes the story much darker.

  • Robin- good question. I wasn’t happy about leaving G4, but running Nerdist Theater at Meltdown is pretty much a full time job, and I found I didn’t have enough time left over to work at G4, let alone write for the websites I freelance for. Since I had the theater job first and it was in its infancy, I had to make a call. I’m still on great terms with everyone there.

    To everyone else- Thanks for listening!

  • I’m actually playing Army of Two:The 40th Day with a buddy right now. He comes over on the weekend and the commentary from playing together in the same room is hilarious.

    Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One is another great co-op game and it’s written very well. ONe of the funniest games I’ve played in a while.

    Also, I’m glad you guys have Gamefly as a sponsor. I forgot about them. Think I’ll click the banner now and try them out. Beats buying everything and going broke!

  • Also, in Final Fight it’s former wrestler Mike Haggar who was the mayor and his daughter got kidnapped. There was a scene where he gets a videotape explaining the stakes that leads to him going out with Cody and Guy to beat the hell out of all of the scum in the city. He didn’t call in a SWAT team or anything, he just put on his one-suspender outfit to smash some fools. I’m sure Stallone will play him in the movie version if it ever gets made.

  • You’ve got to get that 2nd xbox up and going! One of the first things I did when my girlfriend (now fiance) moved in was get a 2nd xbox for her. The only thing better than our regular Gears/Battlefield date nights is listening to her trash talk over chat, “Wow, three kills. I got fifteen, but, you know, whatever. Three is also good if you like 7th place.”

  • Eli was definitely blind in “Book of Eli.” The point is that he actually DID have some sort of power watching over him for the entire movie, or else was just the greatest bada$$ who ever lived. He, as a blind person, has read his brail bible enough times to commit the entire thing perfectly to memory and it’s supposed to be some sort of parable or something. I have no idea. I didn’t think it was a terribly well-written movie. He was blind the entire time though. Heck, you can see his crazy whitish blind eyes toward the end when he takes his sunglasses off under decent lighting. Anyway… there you go.

  • “Hey, remember that game? That was fun. And Horde Mode on Gears 3, we like that. And Red Dead Redemption, we liked that. And that other game, that was fun. Remember that one game…? I can’t remember. It was really fun.”

  • I am surprised you guys have NEVER PLAYED BEAST all this time. Its not as long as Horde but is still a pretty fun multiplayer mode if playing against other people is not your cup of tea.

    I will co sign the pick up and play goodness that is beat em ups/brawlers. It is one of the few game types that provides 4 player co op play that is fairly easy to start playing. The only modern examples I can think of are Castle Crashers and Scott Pilgrim vs The World and they are two damn awesome games.

    Not only that, but even some of the older games still hold up at least in regards to fun factor. Why more developers are NOT making more games like these as DLC I will never know.

    And Eli was totally blind ala Zatoichi The Blind Swordsman albeit a more christian/monk like version.

  • Back in grad school my friends and I would get together to play the New Super Mario Bros for the Wii. Except, we called it Mario Clusterf*@k because every character feels like they are covered in oily /rubbery coating because you bounce, slip, and fly all over the place. It was a great game to play and get wasted and yell at each other. The amount of screaming, yelling, and grunting trying to get through those levels at a team was hilarious. We would always joke that if someone only had the audio of us playing it would sound like a massive/frustrated orgy.

    Great episode, love this podcast.

  • Awesome episode you guys. I’m taking the time from train and bus everyday to be updated to the new podcasts. Glass is 100 % full, right ?!

    Anyway, I think my first gaming with friends title was Golden Eye for the N64 and after that, unfortunately, fight games which I like, but I am not very good at… (hope I’m not alone?!) =D

    C ya !