Episode 17

The Indoor Kids

Origin Stories (with Chloe…

The Indoor Kids #17: Origin Stories (with Chloe Dykstra)

Host/model Chloe Dykstra stops in to discuss cosplay, growing up awkward, and being a girl in the scary/anonymous world of online gaming. We then get into a discussion of what makes us who we are and how we define ourselves online and in person. Also, we think Twilight sucks.

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  • Guys! Due to a technical snafu the Side Quest portion of the episode had not been showing up at the end. It is now. Emily & I talk more about Arkham City & Stacking, and I talk about the Assassin’s Creed series.

    Thanks for listening!


  • Long time listener, first time commenter.

    As an @ home worker you guys keep me sane and are like the wacky/awesome co-workers I’ve never had. Also, Chloe Dykstra is my new nerd girl crush (shh don’t tell my wife).

  • I’m alright with video game spoilers but COME ON!!!! Game of Thrones spoilers?!?! Uggh… I’m following the TV continuity for Game of Thrones. -__-… I’m sorry *breathe*.

    Cool lady guest, always fun in here. Damn, I’m so fucking lucky that I had a nerd/geek “pose” back in high school. The only weird cosplay thing to me is Man-crossplaying… my eyes, they burn!!! I’m sorry.

  • Vincent S,

    No idea what you mean when you say “game of thrones spoilers.” We had no spoilers at all in this episode, and definitely not any Game of Thrones spoilers.

    Everyone! Listen without worrying about having Game of Thrones spoiled for you!

    Thanks all for listening!


  • The stories about girls getting messages from guys kind of happened to me. Only the other way around, I’m a guy got one from a girl. I was playing Red Dead multiplayer and formed a posse with some random players, one was a woman. We all had mics and they were hitting on her. I was just helping her finish the gang hideouts. After about 2 hours I get a friend request and a message/picture of her in a bra saying “I’m having dinner later ;)”

    I say “Sorry not interested.”
    She called me a dick.

    When I ever fix my YLOD PS3 I’ll e-mail you guys the message.

  • Abbbsoooooorb my peniiiiiiiiis. Hey guys, another great ep, i like the addition of the sidequests portion of the show. I love the show, its super entertaining, keep it up!

  • Hey Derron-

    That’s actually not a real backstory at all. As I mentioned on the podcast, I try not to let trolls get me down which is why I won’t ask for your comment to be deleted, but rather explain it. ED is run by the dark side of the internet (i.e. 4chan) and is full of falsehoods. When accused of slander, they claim it’s satire.

    To clarify:

    -I don’t (and have never) lived off my parents’ money. I’ve worked since I was 13 years old.
    -I had a boyfriend for three years with whom I exchanged photos since he lived 3,000 miles away in Massachusetts. Someone hacked (or technically, fuskered) my private photobucket account and leaked said photos. Someone else blackmailed me, I won’t go into detail on what they wanted me to do, but I refused so they spread the photos like wildfire.
    -I never went into porn; when my photos leaked I made fun of myself for April Fools. It backfired. Not that there’s anything wrong with being in porn.
    -I definitely don’t have implants. But if you’re interested in having huge boobs, I highly recommend birth control. Wish I could say I still had ‘em, but I stopped taking it.

    TL;DR Article is full of lies, 4chan is a butthole.

  • Chloe-

    Thanks for clearing that up and sorry for making assumptions- I should have known better than to trust ED.

    -On another note I wanted to compliment Kumail for pressing whenever a guest hints at an interesting story, as some podcasters seem to let potential insights slide and the interviews are less interesting.

  • I was playing horde the other night and everyone but a girl and myself dropped out on a boss wave. I died, of course, and didn’t have enough to buy in, of course, but I ghost cammed and watched her slaughter the entire boss wave herself. I thought it was great and sent her a message applauding her skills. Girls who can game is a turn-on, not emasculating.

    Nerds make fun of girls because they’re scared. That’s why jocks make fun of nerds and why latent, homosexual rednecks make fun of the openly gay.

    NERD FAIL: Chloe, skydart is not “your last name all messed up.” It’s called an anagram you fat, ugly slut!!!
    I used to model also so T4D anytime…I show you my tax return, you show me your diploma…

    Love you guys. I might actually log on to facebook more than bi-monthly, just for your page.

  • Hey you guys should set up a xbox live indoor kids game night you could play gears with us listeners and what not. Its easy to just make a tempory gamer tags. I call Sam btw

  • Man talk about Sheen not lasting long I changed my GT for him.

    Also about people being mean online, its true I make videos playing guitar and singing, I get horrible comments on it, my body my voice but whatever I’m putting myself out there.

  • Indoor Kids has rapidly taken a position in my top 5 podcasts. I love the interplay between Kumail, Emily, and their guests. And it is fills a gamer niche that I’m losing now that the Weekly Geek is ending.

  • Huge fan of the podcast, Kumail’s stand-up, and your general presence in the universe. Small complaint, would REALLY have appreciated a spoiler alert on Portal 2, having NEARLY but not quite yet finished it. You two are normally great about making those public. Nonetheless, awesomesauce surrounds the Indoor Kids, keep em coming.

  • Sometimes the Nerdist community can be the best in the universe. But there are times when I’m a bit ashamed.

    While the comments on Chloe are mostly supportive, the negative ones are bothersome. Why post her naked picture? Has anyone posted naked pictures of any other guests or hosts.

    We all have mind hick ups so why get all over Chloe’s case about not calling her twitter handle an anagram. That person is obviously jealous. Stay Classy Pitch White!!! I salute you!

    There is so much negativity on the internet. Can’t we all just support each other and give our fellow nerds a break? Goodness knows we barely give ourselves a break.


  • The chat about the way women who play games are treated is so sadly true. You get one of two responses in World of Warcraft in my experience. If you speak in vent, people send you creepy things or flirt disgustingly.. or if the group fails, you are immediately blamed. It’s frustrating to have men immediately denigrate your appearance as well – somehow assuming that just because you play games, you must be some hideous beast. I totally agree with Chloe, though. The best response is to play into it. It pisses the trolls off so much more.

  • Some girls who play games are asking for it. Why do the majority of girls have either girl/woman/chick/lady/princess in their gamertags or clan tags. They want attention obviously so they deserve the attention they get, which will always be negative.