Episode 161

The Indoor Kids

Tenacious D!

The Indoor Kids #161: Tenacious D!

Today Kumail and Emily are freaking out to welcome Jack Black and Kyle Gass, aka Tenacious D, to the podcast! Hear them talk about the video game golf championship that nearly tore them apart, Jack’s experience on Brutal Legend, and much more!

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  • Emily + Kumail + J-bles + Rage Kage!?!
    I just pooped my pants a little.
    Ok.  Thats not true.
    I pooped them a lot.
    Peace & Pick o Destiny.

  • Kumail, I used to have a fantasy/power/folk metal radio show back in the good ole days of college. Here’s a list of some bands for you to check out to quell your confusion.
    Blind GuardianSonata ArcticaElvenkingEnsiferumFalconerGloryhammerHammerFallManowarNightwish
    Then for you and Emily’s pleasure, a power metal band that covers video game songs aka “nintendocore.”

  • Single Cell producers Michael Stipe and Sandy Stern pitched the film to numerous studios, including New Line Cinema, who dropped the project after chairman Robert Shaye asked: “Why the fuck can’t it be Being Tom Cruise?”

  • Here’s my theory of Bruce Jenner: He’s not becoming a woman, he’s becoming Michael Jackson.  Hear me out.  All the women in his family have a thing for black dudes, and in an effort to keep Kris, he’s becoming the only black dude that’s within his grasp to become as a white dude without it being racist.