Episode 158

The Indoor Kids

Destiny of the Kardashians with Jessica Chobot

The Indoor Kids #158: Destiny of the Kardashians with Jessica Chobot

Today we welcome Nerdist News’ own Jessica Chobot to talk with us about why she hates anthropomorphized animals, why people are so mad at Kim Kardashian, and what she thinks of the Destiny Beta. Plus Twitter game and more!

Listen to Jessica’s podcast Bizarre States and watch Nerdist News!

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  • Presumably an invasion from the planet Nintendu 64 would be involved in the Space Invaders movie.  “Increase speed, reverse direction, and descend one level!”

  • Kumail and Emily used to seem like an ideal couple. But in the past couple of months there’s increasing friction, seams are showing.  I guess that’s normal though as time goes on with any couple.
    Pretty fun episode. Jessica came off better here than she did on the recent Nerdist podcast. She almost convinced me talking animals are an abomination.

  • This episode was disingenuous.  First, Chobot gets mad when people curse at Kim Kardashian. What do you care? You think she’s the scum of the earth as well. Do you think you have the moral high ground because you didn’t call her a “bitch?” That really amounts to nothing when you (and Kumail and Emily) belittle every single thing about her — even her marriage. Some people call her a bitch, and you all treat her like one. So, I would say it is even. 
    Secondly, what is Kumail talking about her game will give the “wrong” messages to kids playing it? This is same guy who on the video game and sexism episode (the one where they talk about Anita Sarkessian) said that sexism in video games wasn’t that bad. And hell, when a woman made an informative video about all of the wrong messages that AAA and indie games send to young women, he said she was making a mountain out of a molehill. BUT NOW, he is totally into feminist portrayals, with the launch of Kim K’s game. NOW he “sees” the harm that such messaging can do. Gimme a break, man. If you can’t see why the continued existence of Bayonetta or that a game like Laura Croft exists and is considered “groundbreaking”, then you definitely don’t see shit wrong with Kim K.’s game. 

  • Hey fun show guys. Jessica Chobot is great fun to listen to as usual. 
    Those comments at Kim Kardashian do not seem real but I can imagine the people who are playing that game would be somewhat detached from reality. 

  • Good ep as always, the only thing I’ve been wondering since you guys came back from your month hiatus is why the episodes seem to be more hurried and well, shorter as a result. Like towards the end of this one Kumail seemed really in a hurry, and last week you guys had to blaze through the twitter game. Why not just give yourselves an additional thirty minutes ahead of when you’d normally begin so you won’t be rushed? I think I’d speak for other Indoor Kids listeners when saying that we can handle an additional twenty minutes to half an hour. No need to rush guys!

  • Destiny! 
    The beta is by far the best public beta I’ve ever played.  The controls are polished, the menus are intuitive, and the game looks great! Played for several hours last night and now I’m already dreading the Beta closing this Sunday.  I don’t want to wait until September. Sad face.

  • Before you post!: Open a window, breathe some air, and just stare at a tree for a minute. You probably won’t still want to type that diatribe in the comments when you get back, and the internet will be a better place for it!