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The Indoor Kids #134: Tricks and Relapses with David Wain

Today The Indoor Kids welcome David Wain (director, writer, former member of The State) to talk about how he had a real live arcade in his garage at the age of 12 and why he can’t play games that much anymore, plus an Intro Kids with punchy and tired Kumail and Emily. Where else are you going to hear card tricks on a podcast?


Dark Castle, Combat, Defender, Ms Pac Man, Lemonade Stand, Tetris, GTA Vice City, Crazy Taxi, Crazy Taxi 2, Guitar Hero, Rocksmith, GTA IV, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Candy Crush Saga, Pokemon, Tearaway, Assassin’s Creed 4, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate


Hits, Wet Hot American Summer, Role Models, Wanderlust, They Came Together, The Ten, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Superman/Batman, Watchmen, Dawn of the Dead, Gremlins


The State, Children’s Hospital, The Meltdown, 24


Morris Day and The Time, Daft Punk


State By State With The State

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  • The Indoor Kids are regular people, not all-knowing, omnipotent beings, and like us, sometimes they get things wrong.
    They said something that may not be scientifically accurate.
    You obviously have no life and take things far too seriously.
    It may be a good idea for you to seek counseling of some kind as it is obvious you have severe issues.

    It’s also disturbing to see how many people having a problem with listening to someone with hiccups. How do you function in the real world? If a loved one has hiccups do you go ape-shit at them too? Or do you act like an adult and deal with it?

    Geez, reading comments online is a sure-fire way to lose faith in humanity.

  • @defenderofthefaith

    LOL at your last comment. What is disturbing is people who would rather people do something that disgusts certain audience just so that the host of the show don’t get criticized. So some people get nauseos at hiccuping straight to a microphone but that should be left even if it adds NOTHING to the podcast instead of just stopping and having some courtesy to the people who can stomach it. As if the Nerdist or Dining with Doug and Karen would have been complete aholes like you and had continued chewing into the microphones instead of the courteous people they were.

    And I don’t know who you’re responding to in the first part of the post but you went off like a complete douchebag about something that nobody was responding to in a similar way. And yet you had the gall to say that it was others and not you who makes people lose the faith in humanity. How rich.

  • @defenderofthefaith

    LOL at your last comment. What is disturbing is people who would rather people do something that disgusts certain audience just so that the host of the show don’t get criticized. So some people get nauseos at hiccuping straight to a microphone but that should be left even if it adds NOTHING to the podcast instead of just stopping and having some courtesy to the people who can stomach it. As if the Nerdist or Dining with Doug and Karen would have been complete a hole like you and had continued chewing into the microphones instead of the courteous people they were.

    And I don’t know who you’re responding to in the first part of the post but you went off like a complete d-bag about something that nobody was responding to in a similar way. And yet you had the gall to say that it was others and not you who makes people lose the faith in humanity. How rich.

  • @defenderofthefaith

    LOL at your last comment. What is disturbing is people who would rather people do something that disgusts certain audience just so that the host of the show don’t get criticized. So some people get nauseous at hiccuping straight to a microphone but that should be left even if it adds NOTHING to the podcast instead of just stopping and having some courtesy to the people who can stomach it.
    Nerdist or Dining with Doug and Karen would have been complete a hole like you and had continued chewing into the microphones instead of the courteous people they were.

    And I don’t know who you’re responding to in the first part of the post but you went off like a complete d-bag about something that nobody was responding to in a similar way. And yet you had the gall to say that it was others and not you who makes people lose the faith in humanity. How rich.

  • What is it about video games that brings out the worst in comment sections? “kumail nanjiani hiccups” is now my #2 Google search after “emily gordon feet”. Please keep up the good work, kids.

    Thanks for another fantastic episode. David Wain is a mensch; I’m excited for another Wet Hot American movie or anything that brings The State back together. Maybe the Indoor Kids can get a cameo in? Any reason they can’t fit an arcade scene into an 80s comedy?

  • Sheesh I was just sharing what I thought was really interesting info, that I had to spend some time reading up on because the “every seven years” thing sparked my curiosity. It wasn’t a “nah nah you’re wrong” statement.

    I love the show, the off the cuff comments and even the hiccups adds to the fun, immediate vibe imo. I would really hate it if they stopped to fact check every statement or let a literal or figurative hiccup stop the show.

  • @rhzunam
    First part of my post was directed at GooseGanja, who if you have read the comments for last weeks show would know is becoming a bit of a troll on here.

    And yeah I think they should leave things like the hiccups in regardless of a few people feeling “nauseous”. Does it add to the show? Not really, but then again, it was funny.
    If you start removing things to appease a small minority of people, then where does it end?
    It’s their podcast, I support whatever they do with it. They don’t get paid for it so I assume they do it because they enjoy it.
    When they have to start censoring themselves I imagine that it will begin to feel like a chore and they’ll stop doing it.
    If 100 people listen and 5 people don’t like hiccups it makes more sense to me for those 5 people to fast forward or not listen at all than for the Indoor Kids to waste time rerecording or editing something that 95% were fine with.
    If you don’t like listening to something, don’t listen! Simple as that!
    Hmmm, think I’ll take my own advice and not read these comments anymore as a few of you are total fuckheads.

  • It’s incredible how some people are horrible and actually think they are the ones who really are in right.

    People should just imagine how much of a total assholes would it had been if after the Nerdist episodes or the Dining with Doug and Karen where they chewed food on the microphones, Chris Harwick and Doug Benson would have told the people that complain about it being disgusting “Tough shit, if we stop, it’s censoring”. But instead they were normal human beings, that had the courtesy to think that even if it’s not all, if it bothers certain people they should stop doing so since it’s add nothing to the podcast and is something that is bothering some people. I wasn’t particularly aware of it being bad but I totally got it because I’m not an asshole.

    Yet a douchebag like @defenderofthefaith is telling Kumail and Emily to do exactly that and screw people who have a bad physical reaction to something that adds nothing to the podcast at all just to screw people and not “censor”. Because apparently now courtesy is censoring to somebody like him. And he has the ignorance to act as if other people are the ones bringing society down. I’m sure Kumail and Emily are normal nice person who would take into account the problems some have with it and not follow the advice of somebody so fuckin selfish just like Chris and Doug did.

    PS Sorry about the double posts before but it seems something was wrong with the site earlier today.

  • I find it deplorable and disgusting of the absolute arrogance to tell someone “yeah that thing you created and give to us for free? don’t do things like “insert whatever” anymore”,
    It’s like if I wrote a book about dogs and someone has a negative reaction to dogs writes me saying “I don’t like dogs, I have a bad experience with them, don’t write books about dogs anymore”.

    Fuck you rhzunam, and fuck your policy on bowing to the whims of a few weirdos when the rest of us adults can simply stop listening to something that offends or upsets us rather than telling the creators to stop doing it because we don’t like it.

    Personally, I don’t like it when they have Film Critic Hulk on the show, I find him irritating. Do I say “Hey Kumail and Emily! Don’t have FCH on anymore because he annoys me!” ? No. I try to listen to the episode cos I love this podcast so much but when it gets too much for me I stop listening.
    Actually that’s exactly why I stopped listening to The Nerdist Podcast, because one of the members’ personality started to bug me.

  • Not sure I’m a fan of the grandstanding on either side, but I agree with @DefenderOfTheFaith in principle. We wouldn’t nitpick so heavily at a musician about the choices he or she made in mixing a song; we wouldn’t give an epithet ridden speech to an artist about the shade of blue he or she used to represent the sky in their painting. And yet when it comes to conversational podcasting I think these guys make it look so easy that we think it actually IS easy. There’s a lot that goes into this that we don’t even consider as listeners. Browse iTunes and listen to what’s out there. It’s a WHOLEBUNCHA people who listen to podcasts like this thinking they can do it just as well and failing miserably. So even if we’re going to nitpick a little bit at the ones who do it well, do we have to be such dicks about it? We’re like those football fans who sit around calling coaches idiots as if we could do their jobs even half as well were we in their positions. Maybe…just maybe….before we allow our ids to type out a comment on a message board we could take a minute to consider what makes us think we’re such experts on life that we think we know so much better than other people. We’re not objective and omniscient just because we’re anonymous. Even if anonymity affords us the ability to drive-by comment and allows us the luxury of not having to choose on which hill to die, doesn’t mean that we should necessarily take advantage of those luxuries as they also come with their own sets of ugly caveats. Even if we have what we feel is a valid complaint, we’re more than capable of making our points politely.

    Ultimately, if the hosts of a podcast are going to stop doing something because of a complaint somebody makes it should be because THEY decide that if they were in the position of the listener they would feel similarly. Regardless of how @rhzunam or @DefenderOfTheFaith or anyone else feels about the situation, if the host thinks a complaint is ridiculous then they should disregard it and if they think it’s valid then they should act accordingly, and the rest of us should respect whatever decision they make even if we’re unhappy with it. If it were our show I think that’s what we would want.

  • Thanks for another great podcast, you two. David was great. I especially loved his appearances on Childrens Hospital as “Rabbi Jewy McJewJew” and the times where he played himself in those weird meta episodes.

    I often talk about The State with friends who are old enough to remember the show, as I was in high school when I first saw it and loved it. Although for the most part I kept up with the crew in Viva Variety, Reno 911, all the Lennon/Garant partnerships, I had completely forgotten until this podcast that David was a cast member of The State. I’m going to have to go back and rewatch all those hysterical sketches again. Hope they hold up!

  • Fuck you @defendersofthefaith. Fuck you for trying to make this an act of censoring when it all about asking for courtesy and for your selfish bullshit about how this is all about people asking for special consideration instead of common courtesy. This isn’t about content at all unless you count hiccuping into the microphone, content. This is about something that adds nothing to the show but bothers people and you’re trying to make it out as this special thing that the podcast somehow depends on. If somebody started a good podcast and suddenly started burping or farting, nobody would question at all if somebody asked for the common courtesy to stop. People didn’t complain in other podcast about the chewing of food. Yet only a total asswipe like you would have a problem and get some sort of mission to stop something that the podcast isn’t based on, just because you’re too dumb to differentiate between content and somebody having a physical act that bothers some people and can be avoided.

    And either way your argument makes no sense. If a great podcast like the Indoor Kids suddenly had the people in the cast start throwing racial epithets to describe a certain group, would listeners not be right in demanding it too stop or protesting something that offends them? Or should they bow down to the “do whatever you want, it’s free” thing and stop listening. That’s the same argument that rigid people always use to stop change. And to all the people who say this is some big leap and it’s ridiculous, it might be but it’s not anymore ridiculous that some guy asking how hiccuping into a microphone violates the freedom of speech or the fabric of the podcast.

  • Don’t get a Sodastream! They’re manufactured in an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Not only is that really bad for the peace process, since carving Palestine up into Bantustans makes the two-state solution impossible, the workers who make them are underpaid and exploited.

    I’m really disappointed in Scarlet Johansen over this whole thing, to be honest. She’s a great actor and everything, but she stopped being Oxfam International’s spokesperson in order to take that commercial (they made the same objections I’m making) for what I can only assume is a big pile of money.

    The Sodastream honestly isn’t even that useful. It’s a novelty. My parents got one a couple of years ago and they barely use it anymore. Yes, it’s better for the environment than buying soda, but just drink water! It’s better for you anyway.

  • Remember people if somebody steps on you while walking, don’t say anything because that is telling somebody how they should walk. Don’t censor their walking man!

    LOL at some people.

  • Don’t fuckin’ tell them what kind of decision to make about Sodastreams! I find it deplorable, disgusting, arrogant, and deplorable that you’re disgusting enough to think that it’s OK to give your opinion about international manufacturing issues; this is THEIR podcast! How they get their soda is not up to you! End of story.

  • Yeah, yunno, it’s funny you mention that… Come to think of it, two other people who are Americans come to mind.

    (Yes, Kumail is an American citizen. Your prejudice just got… schmejudiced… for the whole world to see. Cheerio, gov’na!)

  • @rhzunam Not once did I mention the word “censorship”.
    My issue was not with people “asking” or “suggesting” that things be removed from the podcast, but you demanding it.
    If you’re standing in line at the bank and someone has the hiccups do you ask them to leave the bank or do you just deal with it like any polite person would do?

    It’s my experience that people outside the US are not as eager to complain about things like another human being having hiccups, which I can’t believe you don’t find to be a ridiculous complaint.
    I’m guessing by your “cheerio, gov’na” line you think I’m British.
    Wrong again dipshit.

  • LOL. Yes because that is the point, the existence of hiccups. Not the fact that they talk into a microphone having them. Just like the people that complained about chewing food into the microphone in the other podcasts were all about not chewing food ever and taking their nourishment intravenously. If a person is bothered by me talking to them with hiccups, I would be a supreme asshole if I kept at it because of of some sense of they changing me. That’s the courteous thing for normal people unlike you.

    Also nice thing of comparing all the rest of us in the world as one huge monolith (the non americans).

  • Rhzunam, are you over the age of 18? If so, please don’t breed. The world has too many entitled idiots with victim complexes. Podcasts should be a fun addition to your life. If you are so bothered by hiccups that you feel the need to troll the hosts, then you are using the podcast to replace something it is not meant to replace.

  • Fuckin-A, A! You said it.

    @rhzunam LOL Your smug, ugly, self-satisfied posts are having the same effect on me that Kumail’s hiccups had on you. By your own argument, it’s time to shut the fuck up. LOL

  • @A

    Except I wasn’t trolling the hosts, I asked if they could stop it and a total douchebag like Defender of the faith went on about how it was so terrible to even question the idea of hiccuping into a podcast was so horrid and censoring. The hosts hadn’t even mentioned the topic at all and while Emily was class in his article, most of the discussion was to a poster who was totally displaying the total opposite of what he was supposedly complaining about our society going down the drain because of the mere question of an action of a podcast.

    Kumail and Emily had nothing to do with it because, to the my knowledge, it was the only time he had hiccuped into a microphone
    . So most of the debate was with the guy. If you can point out where I was trolling the host, be my guest.

  • Yyyyyyeah, I’d say this is poster vs. poster dialogue. Difference. I think most people would say what their deal is and then shut it if it weren’t for the guardian knights who post counterarguments and draw it all out. Maybe you need a supplementary Subreddit, and you can choose to only look at one of the two discussion forums (here or there, wherever the more polite stuff happens). Subreddits encourage the development of an actual community where people are accountable for their reputations. I think the lack of accountability is what makes this comment section so full of turmoil, and there you’ve got the up vote/down vote system where nobody has to attack anybody else so viciously when they feel you’ve been trespassed against in some way.

  • And yes, it’s me, that guy. I’m overlooking having my actual complaint from last week boiled down to something more childish than it actually was (a drop in general positivity, not simply criticizing the Hobbit), because there’s just something fundamentally different about you guys’ audience, or your effect on your audience, or whatever version if that statement doesn’t seem offensive to anyone. You’re loose, and in being loose, you become somehow controversial in accident. I really think a lot if that could be diffused if it were possible for your fans to discuss episodes with each other, instead of feeling like directing everything at you. People who defend you guys wouldn’t have to be such dicks about it, and people with complaints could simply voice them and say, “hey, am I the only one who noticed _______?” To each other. A subreddit could be a good thing for you.

  • 1. If you want a subreddit go ahead and make one, RG. You clearly have some time on your hands.

    2. I think you need to brush up on your definition of the word “overlook”.

    3. They’re not “accidentally controversial”, nor are they any more “loose” in their format than other podcasts in their genre. They’re different from other podcasts because they share their actual, irony-free opinions on the subjects they discuss instead of avoiding sharing opinions by making jokes 100% of the time and thereby deflecting negative comments.

    4. I’m offended by the intrinsic double-standard in your posts implying that if you’re being shitty to a podcast host then you’re just giving negative feedback and your comments should be “shrugged-off” or sifted through for “silver linings”, but if you’re being shitty to another commenter then you’re a “guardian knight” and you’re being a “dick”. Guardian knight? Sorry, but if you’re going to belittle my point-of-view and lazily whittle it down to a tiny phrase that incorrectly surmises my motives so that I’m neatly and securely reduced, classified, and categorized into a laughable little pejorative so that you can dismiss me with a clear conscience…well I guess two can play that game, can’t they, troll?

  • Look man, I’m sorry you have such a problem with my posts.I’m not calling people horrible things and insulting them, because I’m trying not to do that sort of thing to my fellow human beings. I don’t believe in shaming people; that’s not how I try to resolve things. I believe in the validity of all honest viewpoints, and that means giving myself validity. When people start name-calling, that’s when I begin to doubt their validity, because they’re not interested in any positive change. Am I perfect? No. There’s a give and take, but I don’t shame people.. That’s a fundamental part of who I am. Even what I said last week was just a weak emotional response, and I’m sorry it’s so offensive to you, but if you can’t acknowledge that it counts as being a dick to tell someone they’re disgusting and deplorable because of their responses to a podcast, then you’re turning a blind eye. Kumail and Emily haven’t done that; only the fans have. The other fans are the ones who drag it all out, and when people post to defend themselves against name-callers, it makes them appear way more passionate than they would have if it was just left alone, because they’re trying to defend their personal voice. The hiccup guy who continues to post wasn’t a dick about it until somebody started something with him; at first he just assumed it was a part of common decency and professionalism to take something like that to heart, and he assumed common decency of the hosts. Do I agree that it’s a big deal? No, but he wasn’t being a dick about it. Nobody was until people were dicks to him. Now he looks like he cares way more about it because he got jumped on. If there was just no attention given to it, Kumail and Emily would probably be less stressed out over all this talk.

    Yes, I did have time in my hands, because I was with my pregnant wife in the hospital overnight. I’m sorry if that has colored my statements in a way that I didn’t intend, but I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t try to make me out as a crazy person and treat me like a human being; I’m only trying to be a peacemaker and see both sides, and I’m sorry a prior comment has colored that. I don’t want this to be a problem, but I’m also not just going to expect people to stop complaining ever and just berate them if they do; shaming is how trolls are born, not better commenters.

  • Also, “loose” was not meant as an insult; it’s just the way this podcast is, compared to every single other podcast I have ever listened to in my life. There’s less editing, it’s more casual because the intros are just them being goofy… And the comment section is somehow fundamentally different from every other podcast I’ve seen. The subreddit suggestion was just a way to add accountability to the community; I know it would have made me think through my post last week more thoroughly and try to be less of a bummer. But I see more of these drawn-out fights here than anywhere else, so I don’t know why you’re making fun of that suggestion. Also, guardian knights was not meant as an insult. There is a guy here called “DefenderOfTheFaith” so I’m simply going with what i thought these defenders wanted to be seen as. I apologize if that is an unfair characterization of you.

  • Anyway, I’m throwing ideas out there, and I’m not saying they’re perfect. I’m just trying to discuss things. I reread my post from last night and realize it probably seemed more snide than I intended it to, so I’m sorry about that.

    But there IS a difference between making a complaint about a podcast vs. calling another human being a name because of their complaint. Even in my frustrated post last week, I tried to make sure not to comment on anybody as people and just say where I was at with it and how that specific conversation came off. I’m not saying it was right or wrong–I can agree that it was probably badly-structured and that the impression I gave people was wrong–but it was very hard to admit any of that when people started calling me names and making assumptions about the whole of who I am as a human being. Even if “guardian knights” was taken offensively, it’s only meant as a comment on your position relative to this podcast. Can we agree that’s quite minor, compared to inferring that someone is mentally ill?

    We’re all actual people. Can we maybe try not to forget that, just for good will’s sake? What I posted here last night was not relevant to anything that happened last week, but a comment on this thread and the general state of comment threads surrounding this show. I’m sorry if I’m just coming off as an asshole; I really don’t intend to. I’m sort of under a bit of duress and I can’t guarantee that everything conveys my intent, but my intent is to try to make peace. But I think my points about how to solve these problems are still worthy of consideration. People have defended this podcast, have they not? OK, so let me remove the label I’ve placed upon that. I apologize. Now, people have complained about this podcast, have they not? OK, let’s remove the word “troll”; trolls don’t care enough to discuss conflict resolution. So now what? Do we just keep name-calling? Or can there be something done?

    The point about “not having to be such dicks” meant that nobody needs to be provoked to be downvoted. The defenses don’t have to come from a few committed passionate defenders, but in small doses from everybody. Because whatever I tell you about myself, it seems you’re not willing to view me as having any good will whatsoever, and you certainly can’t deny a presence of hated comments on these threads. I’m talking about a way to reduce that. It seems like you’re detracting from that idea simply because I’m the one saying it, when in fact it would serve to shut down people like, well… like me: pieces of human garbage with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, even in real life away from the computer. So I don’t get your protest.

  • Well first let me say that I hope your wife is doing OK. I can only imagine how difficult it is to have two loved ones in the hospital at once, so best wishes and good-feels to all three of you. If I was religious I’d could put you in my prayers, but alas, all I have are good vibrations.

    If I had to give a systemic reason for my dislike of your posts it would be your slavish need to defend every single thing you say or do regardless of merit with no apology, and you’ve pretty much just shattered that, so…fuck it. I’m sorry too.

    If you want to get into an in-depth conversation about the nature of trolls, the merits of different methods of online discourse, and why I think it’s uber-shitty to shit on the providers of our entertainment we can do that, too. Up to you.

  • Thanks man. Everything’s stable; I didn’t wanna play the external crisis card but I realized the perspective was probably necessary. Anyway, I don’t wanna ramble anymore since I think it’s clearer now where I stand, but yes… I get drawn into defensive walls of text, but I’ve always had paranoia about presenting myself clearly, so much of it is a desperate attempt at explanation. But by the time I get that chance, replies have usually become super inflammatory and that gets to me just the same as my thing got to someone else I suppose. So, maybe we can just try not to escalate so much.

  • @rg

    Totally true. Maybe the mistake I made was that I got tired and stopped responding with the @defenderofthedouchebag and people thought I was talking to the hosts and not to his BS about protesting something that had nothing to do with content. Maybe Kumail and Emily didn’t get it or this board is just ultra defensive but it was legitimate complain that got sidetracked because some guy who came on with a total thin skin defense of the podcast when the complain was more than reasonable.

  • All that really happened was Kumail saying you can fuck off. Dan was a little more generous about it, and said that he has stuff like that, but basically, you have to own it and know that it’s your own thing, and not on somebody else. I think that’s fair.

    Honestly, I think your post was more rude than it should have been, but you tried to give a little benefit of the doubt at the end. If you could have done more of that, or spoken in a more self-aware way about it, it might have been more effective.

    My mistake was swearing about stuff, not AT Kumail and Emily, but even to emphasize my own emotional reaction to the tone of an episode. At the time I felt like maybe it was more empathetic, but retrospectively I could have given the benefit of the doubt and said, “Hey, I wonder where you guys are on something: you’ve been shitting on a lot more stuff than you’ve been celebrating lately; personally, episodes have felt a little bummed out and made me hesitant to listen if I’m having a down day… That’s not the norm, so I hope everything’s going OK.” But I guess that just feels manipulative and dishonest, so even if it reflected badly on me, I opted for honesty. I dunno. It was meant to be a discussion, not just empty hate or passive-aggression, but sometimes you kinda can’t win.

    Still, all of this was made worse by overly-passionate defenders calling people names and making comments about them as humans. When somebody says, “How dare you tell them how to make their show, you’re worthless and I hope you die,” isn’t that more offensive? It’s in bad taste to let that slide because you happen to be on the same side. That happened on the other thread, and yunno how many people jumped on the guy who said “I hope you die”? One. Lots of people jumped on the complainers, but only one of them jumped on that guy.

    So… we’ve all got social flaws. In the end, that guy will say that to somebody who just had a death in the family and he’ll realize why he was a dick. Rhzunam will have someone tell him that the sound of his breathing is disgusting and he’ll realize why he was a dick. DefenderOfTheFaith already had a sarcastic dick call him out for making generalizations about a nationality, and maybe he realized he was being a dick… and if everything goes well, in 16 years I’ll have a daughter unloading her “honest emotions” on me and realize why I was a dick. We just have to figure out what to do with all the dicks in our lives.


  • Rich Sommer really knows his board game makers!

    I think your only real mistake was taking it extremely personally when people like Kumail and Emily don’t like something you like (i.e: The Hobbit).
    So chill out man, no need for epic posts that most people probably won’t read anyway, here or on the Harmontown subreddit. Unless of course, it helps you sleep at night, if so, then type your little heart away dude!

  • I’d say there’s also no need for your defenses, but different strokes for different folks… I’m not gonna tell you you shouldn’t make them. I think they don’t work unless you tone them down, but there’s no need to belittle them any less than anything else.

  • I love how I write a 1 sentence comment and that some how spawns people like @DefenderOfTheFaith to write a freakn book in response about how Im a “troll”. @DefenderOfTheFaith … how is it ok for you to call me names and tell me to go fuck myself because I did the same thing you are doing in that very same comment? Your lame sense of righteousness to defend the creators and your double standards is just sad.

  • FYI … apparently according to other listeners … Kumail calling me out in the comment section and on twitter is the first time in over a year Kumail or Emily has responded to any comments here … good (opinion) or bad (opinion). So all these comments calling foul immediately after a comment you dont agree with (aka your love letters to Kumail) are just falling on deaf ears. Sorry to report the facts.