Episode 118

The Indoor Kids

Live from the LA Podcast…

The Indoor Kids #118: Live from the LA Podcast Festival

This episode comes to you live from the LA Podcast Festival, where Kumail and Emily are joined by their pals Blair Butler, Jordan Morris, Jonah Ray, and Matthew Burnside to talk GTA, do some dramatic readings of bad video game cutscenes, and pretend to play baseball. Plus we get the audience involved in a debate about brunch, and give out chicken sandwiches. Enjoy!

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  • I adore Michael De Santa. I believe he is the best character from all GTA series. He already won, and than he got terrible family. He is either gloomy or sarcastic, since he just can’t understand reality around him. And he is such a nerd, with old Vinewood movie stars.

    Also, his mission “Did Anybody Said Yoga?” is one of the funniest writing in video games (

    Team Michael.

  • I was there! It was a lot of fun. It’s definitely weird hearing my voice on the mic, and I realized that I said “Krotos” instead of “Kratos” but oh well, lol. Thanks for the chicken sandwich!

  • Jonah Ray! You look so great. I am so happy that you and Matt are going on this fitness journey. I think this is really inspiring to a lot of people in your audience who need it. As a guy who lost 60 plus pounds at the age of 21, I am so glad that others will have role models for fitness in the “nerd” world. Keep it up.

  • Fun group of people! I wish it could have gone on longer.

    GTA5: I don’t have a lot of time for gaming, so I’m not super far into the story missions — Franklin and Michael are pretty good bros now, but when exactly do I get Trevor? Am I spending too much time playing tennis?

  • I love that Jonah Ray mentioned Boogerman, a janitor that flushed himself down toilets to fight slime creatures with the ancient fighting method of flinging snot.

    I feel like there could be a whole new podcast series just about GTA V. Call it GTA LK.

  • Kumail, love ya man, love your comedy, your wife, your cat Bagel, your podcast, your tv appearances, etc, but I WILL NEVER START SAYING “Chicken Sandwich” as a term meaning something is cool. Please give this up. It makes me feel sad for you when you do it.

    On another note, what do you guys think about the Online aspect of GTA 5? GTA Online is the only game I’m playing these days. I’m about level 40. I was wondering if you two are playing it, and what you think. In my opinion, the character you make is the most interesting of the characters available (with Franklin being the story character I played the most).

  • If I had been there, I would have raised my hand that Michael is my favorite. His story is so much more in-depth than the rest. Have you guys even visited his shrink? There’s so much story development for his character outside of missions, it’s nuts (he has the most extensive side-quest, the “Kifflom” achievement, of any of the characters). Also, his story arc revolving around his family is very satisfying. I loved the missions dealing with the Yoga instructor. And lastly, the scripted incidents that happen with him when he comes back to the house are great. Like, one time, I walked in the door, and then a minute later his wife walked in with sunglasses and shopping bags in her hands, and they had a little side conversation. Just excellent stuff. Michael is hands down the most developed character in the bunch, and definitely my favorite.