Episode 104

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The Indoor Kids #104: Dungeon Mastery with Spencer Crittenden

Today, Kumail and Emily welcome Spencer Crittenden, the resident Dungeon Master of Harmontown, to talk about how he started world-building, how that applies to his love of video games and life, and also how he’s a time traveler in Animal Crossing. Plus we discuss playing old Game Boy games, make Spencer describe monsters you’ve created, talk about what we’re playing now, and more more more!

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  • Just thoughts I had while listening: I haven’t researched it, but world building when you’re a kid seems like a developmental touchstone. I mean, when I was a kid playing with toys. At some point setting up the reason why my toys were fighting (or working with) each other just became a thing. The geopolitical climate had to be just right for my G.I. Joes to attack my Lego knights. The lynchpin being my Transformers who’d serendipitously withdrawn their support of the Lego’s, for the way they handled a situation involving my X-men figures. Anyways, my point is: world building seems like an exercise in dealing with reality, since in one form or another it’s a part of being alive.

    Digimon names-

    Kumailimon Digivolve too…SUPERMANISTOOHANDSOMAMON!

    Emilyismon Digivolve too…BUXTINIMON!

    Burnsidemon Digivolve too…LASTOFUSTUSMON!

    Spencerimon Digivolve too…SIXLEREMON!

  • Obvious sequel: Lex Luthor wages a mass media campaign deriding Superman’s role in the wanton destruction during Man of Steel as a cover for some nefarious plot.

  • Kumail if you loved those old school beat em ups please tell me you have tryed Project X Zone on the 3DS. It’s story sucks but the fights are amazing! It’s got old school Capcom, Sega, Bandai fighters get it man!!

  • I don’t know if all IK listeners are also Giant Bombcast listeners, or if Kumail and Emily are (though I think I remember hearing you guys mention Giant Bomb before?), but perhaps if you guys are you can say a few words about the tragic news concerning Ryan Davis that just surfaced today on your next podcast. I love IK, but I’ve been a GB fan for years before you both even started your podcast, and I’ve been beside myself all day.

    Anyway, this was a great podcast. As a young teen I played nearly every campaign for D&D that existed, and even played the Marvel Superheroes pen-and-paper RPG as well as the West Coast Games Star Wars RPG Spencer mentioned. I really enjoyed hearing his DMing method. I was a player in most campaigns, but DMed the Ravenloft campaign and ‘railroading’ was a bad habit of mine, lol. I hated seeing my created stuff wasted!

    Bring Spencer back again soon!

  • Does anyone have the link for the Harmontown forum post that Kumail mentioned? (Where Spencer shows things that the D&D group never got to?)

  • Wtf?!?!? Had no idea about Ryan Davis. Saw aarons post and google search made me sad. I have to imagine there is a big crossover in audiences. He will be missed.

  • First I’m Not the that Spencer I’m a different Spencer. I’ve only seen the first LOTR and fell asleep a quarter into it, and I tried the second but got really bored. This is kind of a dickish thing but I don’t intend it. Can anyone explain the appeal of LOTR?

  • Epic fantasy quest about friendship, growing into responsibility, and the power of unity over the negative forces of life. Throw in badass battles. Plethora of lore and allusions to mythology. the movies are as faithful as a movie will be to a series of books which endeared themselves to nerds who so badly wanted a world to escape to where even the smallest most Insignificant person can be the hero.

    I would say give the films another shot. Maybe they just are not your thing. Also I meant nerd in the most awesome way :-).

  • @Mark I also don’t like the Harry Potter series books and movies I found them very dull, I haven’t tried any other fantasy things besides these overall but I have Game of Thrones in my netflix queue I’m curious if it’s as good as it’s hyped to be. Also I tried reading the Silmarillion, I butchered the spelling when I was 10 and hated it first book I quit mid way through.

  • Might want to check out either Ironclaw or Mouseguard if you like fantasy animals and you want to try a game featuring them. Both are fairly easy to learn and stable systems.

  • Spencer is hilarious and lovely. Sidenote, I grew up in an area overpopulated with lizards (S.Fla) and like Kumail, I treat them like cockroaches and I feel nothing for them except a slight acknowledgment of the fragility of life when my dog mangles or kills one. Anyway, yay show!

  • Spencer is the King of DMs. I DM/GM myself and I have to say you have the patience of a saint in dealing with everyone’s tangents (it would drive me around the bend) and you are funny as hell. Thanks Emily and Kumail for bringing him on! I have to say I never understood your obsession with tying your dagger to a rope Kumail but hey, you never loose your dagger! (Why don’t you try stabbing instead of throwing?)