Episode 8

The Alton Browncast

And The Winner Is….

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The Alton Browncast #8: And The Winner Is….

SPOILER ALERT: Alton Brown and Damaris Phillips, winner of Food Network Star Season 9, chat about what it was like to stand on the stage and win (what… no cake?). Damaris learns to tell stories with her recipes and talks about growing up in the most unusual of places. Alton answers some of your questions and ponders pickles.


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  • This made me appreciate her even more. She may not be flashy like Rachel or Guy (annoying), but I’d love to take a class from someone like Damaris. I just hope all of her skills and knowledge don’t get wiped in the Food Network machine. But if the current crop of new shows is an indication, there’s no hope.

  • When we have too many kale stems, we often toss them in olive oil and some basic spices, then bake them as “kale fries.” I could totally see pickling them. If I ever get ambitious I’ll give it a shot!

  • Love that Damaris was teaching Alton stuff. Great!

    And I love her sound effects to explain foods or when she can’t think of a word. I’m glad I’m not the only one that does that.

  • Thank you for doing this show. I always seem to learn new and wonderful things from you. Thank you for sharing your time with Damaris (sounds like a super lady) and just being awesome!!

  • I love that Damaris is so down to earth and honest. Her comment about Aldi’s cracked me up. So familiar…. I really hope to learn from her so that I can make good food for my family and teach my boys to cook. Good interview,Alton (which I now know is pronounced Al-ton instead of All-ton) and great job Damaris. Looking forward to more from both of you.

  • Nice person… criticisms of her as a person. But bland. No spark or creative drive, i.e.,”let’s go there!” Mashed potatoes without salt, butter, or pepper. Doughnuts without glaze. Steak without grill marks, but stewed….sigh……nice, sweet person, but “I can’t wait to see her show on Food Network?” Sadly, no…..sigh……….