Episode 7

The Alton Browncast

And Then There Were Three

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The Alton Browncast #7: And Then There Were Three

Alton Brown sits down with the finalists from Season 9 of Food Network Star before their fate is sealed.

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  • Just wanted to chime in with a slightly less extreme perspective… I didn’t know the first thing about Food Network Star. I could have guessed that it was a reality TV show. I found the episode, overall, to be enriching. Russell didn’t say much but I enjoyed hearing his thoughts. Damaris was really a pleasure to listen to. Rodney was really painful for the first 10-15 minutes but eventually settled down, sometimes needing to be reminded to share the spotlight a bit by others on the podcast, but it eventually became a lot more balanced. I definitely would like to hear more about cooking techniques, but I really appreciate long-form interviews with chefs, or anybody who can hold their own in a conversation.

    One very welcome change in this episode is that it felt more like a podcast and less like a heavily-produced radio show.

    Just keep the podcast going and I’m sure with the gentle guidance of the internet you’ll find the ideal voice for your podcast.

  • Wow, I really struck a nerve with you….first time I’ve ever “trolled” in my life, so I’m sort of finding this quite amusing.

    Besides, I didn’t come back to complain…I was legitimately explaining why I thought you (or whoever) should give the episode a second shot. Just trying to understand how someone can be so critical of a show they didn’t even listen to…

  • what’s funny about the last two comments’re saying “the gull of” and how you’re “appalled”…by those giving Alton the feedback he asks for…but by the very statements you’re trying to dictate what others can and can’t say about something and/or how they feel or should do.

    Intelligent logic there “elle” and “jess”…no really.

    The “gull” of the two of you trying to dictate what can and cant’ be said in the comments is “appalling” (see I can do it too)

    Anyway..if you don’t like the opinions of others…use your own advice and move on or don’t comment on it. Instead of. you know. being hypocritical.

    • lol You guys are just going to love the next episode where he interviews the winner! I look forward to the bitch-fest ;-) But seriously, some people said they didn’t even give the episode a chance and it was actually pretty cool! Ok you might not follow the show or know who those people are, but it wasn’t just about them. I learned some interesting stuff about AB himself, and a lot of the questions that came up were aimed at him. So maybe we should all take a breath before being so quick to judge things & people…. Wait, what am I talking about? This is the internet after all. The one place where it’s expected for people to judge =P lol

      • ah..I get it…you “cant wait for the bitch fest”.

        Alton asks for feedback, good or bad. People give him a legitimate feeling on an episode and why. Which again..he ASKS FOR…But you still come to complain about people..complaining

        So you’re just one of those fabled “internet trolls.” Got it.

  • Thank you, Jess!

    The gull of some people….” even though you work on multiple shows at the Food Network, it is so dissapointing you talk about it!” I mean, really people? If you’re so high and mighty, don’t listen to this ONE podcast and move on. AB can talk about whatever he wants =\

  • I am appalled that some of you have the balls to try and tell Alton Brown how to run his show. Clearly it’s his show, not yours and he can cover whatever the hell he wants. Oh, you don’t like Food Network? Boohoo…get over yourselves or go cry about it to someone who actually cares. So there was one episode that didn’t interest you…I’m sure you will survive.

  • I’m also glad you have a podcast here Alton. I really miss “good eats” it was one of the best shows The Food Network ever had.

    That said…this isn’t “The Food Network.” As some have said above this is really disappointing and I hope you refrain from doing it again. Leave Food Network stuff there.

    I couldn’t even continue listening to this podcast after the first few minutes. If I was interested in these guys I’d watch the show.

    I’m not interested in them and I don’t think (obviously I’m not alone) that this kind of thing should be (or should even have a place) on your podcast.

    Really disappointed in this one. If you can’t find other guests then just do it solo. A lot of the time those are the best ones in podcast land.

  • Love the podcast. I really enjoy the information that is given as well as getting to know these individuals a little bit more. The transitions between segments could use a little work. Sometimes they can be a bit abrupt.

  • Rodney is the worst. Period.

    This did give a better perspective on Damaris and Russell. I never got what everyone saw in Russell. Now I think he got caught up in that stupid question of having a specific point of view. That culinary sin thing is just so clunky. Why can’t their POV just be that they are trained professionals who can communicate and teach?

  • I’ve been really excited about Alton’s new podcast, but this episode disappointed somewhat. I stopped watching Food TV because I got tired of all the contests and whatnot, and was really interested to see that Alton started something creative, about food, and NOT about contests. Listening to three people jabber on about stuff that you would only know if you watched the show was very disappointing…I guess if that’s the pod he’s looking for, more power to him. I’m sure there will be interested listeners.

  • I liked Russell from the get go. I can see myself watching him on TV. But I prefer the guy with the Tardis-looking get-up. I think he deserves a chance. ;)