Episode 6

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Justin Warner

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The Alton Browncast #6: Justin Warner

Alton Brown and Justin Warner, Food Network Star Season 8 winner, sit down for a têtê-à-têtê, dishing on creativity in the kitchen and adventures in filming Rebel Eats. Inspired by a dish he had at Justin’s restaurant, Alton mulls over melons.

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  • Hey Mr. Brown! First off, love your podcast! Secondly I was curious to how you came upon working for the Food Network? Also do you feel that your mentoring of Justin has helped him in areas of weakness and strengths as a chef? Thanks you for such interesting food tips and keeping your viewers updated in the food world!

  • Love the melon segment. So timely. I also love listening about food. It gives me a chance to think about it without getting as hungry as I do when I see it.

  • The popularity of Cocoanut oil is due in part at least to the Paleo diet. I have a couple of people in my family that eat paleo and they do not use vegetable or canola oil preferring instead Cocoanut oil or Grape-seed oil with limited usage of Olive oil.

    I’ve never had the stuff in my house before now they keep telling me I should use it instead of vegetable oil.

    Good Watermelon rocks…. but I would never want to heat it up…. that would ruin the best part of eating it.

  • Cheerio to my fellow podcaster (A Spoonful of Russian podcast host here)! Love, love, love your new podcast, Alton. I literally binge-listened to them all in one day:) My fam and I love all of your shows. Now we are treated to a new dish – your podcast. Also, the moment I found out your wife was from North Carolina (where we reside) and you were owned by 2 corgis ( a 2 year-old tri-colored Pembroke Welsh corgi Miles owns us as well) your cool factor hit the max in my book! So, I wish you all the best in all your endeavors. And let the good eats roll! (As far as your show name…as an avid user of cast iron cookware I was going to suggest “Alton Brown Iron cast” … but it’s probably going to narrow things down a bit too much;) Whatever you call the show we’ll listen to it!

    p.s. Why Justin Warner sounds so much like Bobby Flay? At any rate Justin sounds like a fun and smart guy. Also, passionate about what he does. I’d love to meet him.

  • Wrote down the Aqua Fresca recipe he dictates since it sounded interesting. I may as well copy it here for others.

    Watermelon Aqua Fresca

    1 lb Watermelon (including juice)

    6-10 Mint leaves

    1/4 cup Lime juice

    “couple” TBS (dark) Agave nectar

    1 pinch Kosher Salt

    1 quart Seltzer, chilled

    (optional) “couple drops” Soy sauce

    Combine Watermelon and Mint leaves in a blender, puree until smooth and strain into pitcher. Add lime juice, Agave nectar and salt. Chill mixture or freeze into ice cubes. When ready to server mix about 4 oz of mixture into glass of seltzer. Can optionally add half a jigger Midori (melon liquor).

  • I’d call it a ‘phantom flavor’, if you’re still looking for a name for phenomenon. The brain ‘filling in’ for a flavor it expects, but isn’t actually there.