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Brooks Reitz – Jack Rudy…

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The Alton Browncast #38: Brooks Reitz – Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.

Alton Brown talks to Brooks Reitz of Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. about his company’s namesake (the man, the myth, the legend), the inspiration for interesting elixirs, and the reemergence of cocktail culture. Alton shares his technique for the perfect G&T.

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  • Great, great podcast and an awesome guest. I love it when a podcast has a good listener as a guest, because they can draw some good stuff out of the host too. And I can vouch for Jack Rudy being awesome. Bought a two pack of tonic to give my friend one for the holidays and, after polishing mine off way too quickly regretted parting with the other bottle. Another order will be coming soon.

  • Wow, makes me want to put on the Samba records my folks used to play when they had parties… we grew up learning to make cocktails, knowledge that helped when I worked in a bar decades later. Clean and sober now however I smiled because I recall enjoying my martinis…. cheers

  • Alton – when you spoke about Soda Siphons, were you talking about a siphon that you own and charge with CO2, or a soda service that you buy pre-charged siphons (like people used to get a century ago)?

  • Hey Alton
    Near the end you started talking about entertaining company and just having a good time. I love entertaining and from what I see my younger sister’s friends really enjoy the style. A lot of them really seem to take to the idea sitting back and entertaining with close friends, And what you wouldn’t have guessed is what they do every time is they turn on YouTube on the living room TV and turn on a playlist of an album, and they will talk and listen to the whole album. I have even noticed that a lot of them can cook as well and a lot of them watch food network and cooking channel. Now going 3 years ahead my friends don’t seem to fit into this mold. You said your daughter was 14 and that fits in with my sisters group. I don’t know if this appreciation for each other’s company has just happened in this pocket of people or if entertaining is something that we will see come back in a few up coming generations. It was Just an interesting observation on my part. It may have to do where we live. We live down here in Cape Coral Florida and really the only thing to do in this area is to hang out with each other. There are no big malls or amusement parks that are in walking distance. The only things there are to do in this area are all very culturally diverse and are a little more stimulating then sitting at a mall. We go to art centers, listen to local music, and enjoy the art scene. It’s really exploded in our area and the more classical culture really is rubbing off on the people in the area.
    We are all a little young to drink still but I can’t wait to see what these kids put out when they get a little older. Love the show. Always love anything you do with food, drinks, and the culture.