Episode 35

The Alton Browncast

Gretchen Pfarrer

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The Alton Browncast #35: Gretchen Pfarrer

Alton talks to The Boss… well, the boss of The Edible Inevitable Tour, Gretchen Pfarrer. This tour veteran shares stories from 17 years on the road, and explains why she thinks tours like this one are the wave of the future.

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  • Getting to know the people that make possible not only the tour but the Good Eats years as well as other topics such as men’s clothing and the food universe as well is always informative and interesting. I salute your good taste Alton for the people that work with you (past and present) are good people and darn excellent in accomplishing their tasks!

  • Thank you Gretchen! This was a great interview. You have worked on some of my very favorite projects, Copenhagen chief among those. Thanks for all you do!

  • No offense but these last several casts have been somewhat boring, Basically since you started the new format and have started using everyone associated with your road tour as guests the shows have been very blah. Let’s spice them back up!