Episode 32

The Alton Browncast

Todd Bailey

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The Alton Browncast #32: Todd Bailey

Listen as Alton and Todd Bailey, Art Director extraordinaire, reminisce about the evolution of sets and props on Good Eats. Hear about when they got a standing ovation at the grocery store, solve the mystery of who “Thing” was, find out why the set was dubbed “The Snowflake Factory,” and learn about their shared love of googly eyes.

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  • I love to hear the relationship they have being a Scenic Designer myself i love finding out how other teams collaborate on designs for shows (both theatre and film). It is also great to know that even in TV they will us odd things to make other things just like I do all the time for my theatre designs. Thanks a very fun podcast.

  • This was unbelievably fun and interesting to listen to! The yeast puppets are by far my all-time favorites of the show but I have to admit, I totally cried when AB sacked them in Roll Call :( They were so expressive and I felt so bad for them. I think it’s safe to say you’re doing an exceptional job when you can make a 24 year old cry over a sock with some googly eyes and pipe cleaners..