Episode 29

The Alton Browncast

Simon Majumdar

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The Alton Browncast #29: Simon Majumdar

Alton Brown and Simon Majumdar sit down for a talk that ranges from reading the New Testament in Greek to a lifesaving dal recipe, a goal to go everywhere and eat everything, and adventures in frogging. Along the way Simon lists places he thinks Alton should travel and describes the ultimate food experience.

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  • Caio Alton!

    Definitely have to have Simon on again to finish up the interview! My husband and I would love to go pick tea in India, does Simon have a suggestion of a plantation? We currently live in Italy, so India is a hop over

  • Elton you definitely have to have Simon on again. He didn’t answer the three places in the world question either. Plus he’s a terrific guest and this is one of my favorite of your podcasts. Great conversation.