Episode 24

The Alton Browncast

Widdi Turner

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The Alton Browncast #24: Widdi Turner

Alton Brown welcomes a familiar face… er, voice… to the podcast this week, actress and whoopie pie wizard Widdi Turner. They reminisce about Widdi’s classic performances, and talk belly dancing and whoopie pie reconnaissance. As an homage to Widdi’s take on Frances Andersen, Alton talks potatoes.

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  • I am disappointed with you or myself. Most likely myself. I missed you when you came to the Tulsa OK area and I missed any mention of that show until after said show. I know it was a while ago but I still wanted to express my sadness. If you are coming this way again can you give me a good heads up, I would love to see you.
    I like to say as a Christian Geek I do enjoy your podcast. I want to say this because I feel some negativity from many shows. I want to point out that there are asshole on both sides but we are not all assholes. I don’t feel that the hate is toward me but I still wanted to say what some may have left unsaid.
    There are a number of podcast dedicated Christian Geek: Spiritblade, Scifi Christian and more. I think you would really like the audio drama from Spiritblade, so have someone look in to it. So know that God and I love you. And I ask that I get some contact back just so I know it is not lost it the white hole of the internet, even a blank email would make me feel better. (Side note I love the idea of white hole, ask the lovely Mr Tyson if you must.)
    Thank you for your time and may the zombies in your nightmare be toothless.

  • Sorry, got to disagree with the general feedback. Kind of hated this episode. Didn’t find the banter charming or humanizing, just wasteful of my time and attention (or at least 20+mins of it). Sorry. Love Alton, just not this episode