Episode 22

The Alton Browncast

Black Friday & Christmas…

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The Alton Browncast #22: Black Friday & Christmas Prep

The Thanksgiving trilogy comes to an end this week as Alton Brown and Patty Catalano talk Thanksgiving leftovers, Black Friday food (is there such a thing?), and preparing for Christmas. Alton shares a perplexing family recipe and tells you how he takes his coffee.

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  • Those balls that you were talking about that use Bisquick…..I have been making them for years. I use hot Italian sausage. But I call them Moon Rocks!! They are awesome. Thanks for reminding me of them. I will enjoy them when it is -40F out up here in Northern British Columbia!!!

  • Alton, you have to keep Patty as a co-host. She’s great, and the dynamic between the two of you is great. I don’t know how you want to set it up, but I do hope you keep her on the podcast.

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