Episode 2

The Alton Browncast

Bobby Flay

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The Alton Browncast #2: Bobby Flay

Junk food is all over the news and Alton digests it all for you. He talks with Iron Chef Bobby Flay about a hobby that may surprise some food fans. And of course, questions from you.

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  • Catching up, and must say I was a bit disappointed by the false analogy in the GEO topic in the beginning. The fact that the press release from Big Agriculture insinuates that they think protesters could have done this as a protest does not mean that both sides are equally wrong, or have “crazies”. An accusation in a press release is miles away from being actual fact.

  • I can’t believe you spent that much time talking about horses and didn’t say a word about horse meat. It’s a food show, Alton. I’m not saying you should have talked about the proper cooking technique – just address the subject. It has been and is eaten.

  • Very nice job, sir. There has already been an improvement from episode 1 to episode 2. I’m looking forward to seeing how the podcast changes over time. It’s so nice to be able to add this podcast to my rotation.

  • Love the new podcast! You are always informative, eloquent and entertaining! Hope you’ll have your protégé “Rebel Chef” Justin on the show soon. I think his talents are currently being grossly underused on Food Network. Keep up the great show!

  • I loved the interview with Chef Flay. I hope that becomes a recurring thing in the show; Interviews with chefs (celerity or otherwise), I think it is very interesting to hear about their backgrounds and stories.

    Great show. Thank you!

  • My daughter was a month old and I wanted to see if she liked any cartoons, she didnt pay attention to any of them, so I figured I would put on something I WANTED to watch instead of something for kids. Of course I put on Good Eats (best show ever btw) and she was all eyes and watched it with rapt attention. She started talking early and her first words were not momma, daddy or baa-baa. Nope, her first words were hidden in a sentence like this…. “agahbadauba Good Food”

  • Our school district has already gone this route but nuts are considered too high in fat. It doesn’t matter to them that the fat in some nuts are actually heart healthy.

  • i for one have no issue with GMOs
    Hell humans created broccoli…. and corn and kale and bok choy and Brussel sprouts and potatoes aren’t native to idaho. brown rice gets arsenic from the soil it grows from blah blah blah blahblahblahalsd….
    Love the podcast

    invite Hank or John Green on your show! Hank is very knowledgeable bio/chem science and John knows to much about history.
    Either one would be fantastic

    PS im sure John could bring his books

  • All i can say is that even an old boot taste good if cooked over charcoal.. goes back to our family tradition of throwing BBQ sauce on it and it all taste good … lol Love your podcast!!!

  • ABCast was one of my suggestions also, along with Brown Knows. Somebody with the last name Brown should definitely have a podcast, web show, and/or book called Brown Knows. :-)

  • I really love this Brown cast, this one was better than the last one. I could listen to you speak for hours, always interesting and learn new things. Bobby Flay was great, as always.

  • For those with BeyondPod, you are going to have to go to your web browser and go to the Nerdist website. Turn off the mobile theme at the bottom of the page. Find Alton’s podcast and click the Rss feed button and open with BeyondPod.

  • I god this is wonderful. How did I not see this place before right now at this very moment. How many of these are there? Are there more or is this the first one? Alton Brown’s voice ….mmmmm…

  • I loved this podcast. I lol’d a few times, was very involved when GMOs became the topic and was re-embarassed remembering when I saw (live) Mr. Flay stand on the cutting board (I was then [still now] a BIG Iron Chef geek), accident or no. Can’t wait to hear the next one.