Episode 19

The Alton Browncast

The Inevitable Edible Trio

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The Alton Browncast #19: The Inevitable Edible Trio

Join Alton Brown and Inevitable Edible tour soundman Patrick Belden as they talk everything about music. Learn the history of the Good Eats theme song.

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  • Please tell me you were messing around with Patrick when you were digging around in a bag and eating with a live mic. Let me guess, you were expecting him to save your bacon again like with the chain saw? Hehe. Just dishing on you. I had a good laugh over it.

  • Alton- love the podcast, but the food world (and many others) is pretty male dominated….how bout some more ladies for your interviews! I’d love to see one for example with the nutritional anthropologist from Good Eats.

  • Hearing Patrick’s stories about his music & audio work is really inspiring. I’m basically hearing someone who has achieved all of the fantasies I had in my late teens, before college and real life turned me in a different direction. Kudos to both of you for getting to do what you love!

  • A loong interview, but enjoyable. Great to hear how Good Eats came together, its kind of like a Good Eats episode of how to make a Good Eats episode.

    Love how you end the interview, “I’ve got to pee.”

    Will take the manly advice from the interview and pick up my instrument more seriously, again. Need a harmonica player on your tour??

  • Great show, Patrick doesn’t get enough love, considering all his experience and storytelling prowess. Loved hearing about all the recording and film (both of) you have done and continue to do. Much respect.

  • Alton…would love for you to visit Vermont! We know you went to NECI here in Montpelier but we’d love for you to visit King Arthur Flour (where I work). Wanna? Anyway, I must tell you that your method for cooking brown rice is utterly brilliant! Before I discovered your procedure, I (and everyone I know) was making rice mush! So…THANK YOU so much for that! But there’s one more thing you’ve gotta do…I heard you say that you are meeting with Ina Garten before Thanksgiving, and SHE needs to know this brown rice cooking method! I was surprised to hear her say on Barefoot Contessa, and I’m paraphrasing here, that brown rice just doesn’t absorb water like white rice does and it always comes out wet and mushy! Or something like that…please let Ina know that there is brown rice salvation. I’ve met Ina in Stowe, VT and she’s lovely. Happy Thanksgiving, sir!