Episode 18

The Alton Browncast

Bob Taylor

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The Alton Browncast #18: Bob Taylor

Join Alton Brown from the road in El Cajon, California, as he tours Taylor Guitars and interviews this legendary guitar maker’s founder.

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  • Bob, I was in that wood shop class in Chula Vista. I believe it was Mr. Johnson and I remember the “roach clip” note holders we used to make among several carved out bowls etc. Still have some of my masterpieces somewhere in storage. I really enjoyed this interview with Alton.. Please say hello to Kurt.

  • I have a Martin D-l8 and a Baby Taylor. I haven’t taken my Martin to do our programs since I bought my Baby Taylor a little over a year ago. I absolutely love it. Thanks for making such a great instrument.

  • Alton – I knew you could cook, and know how well you can do that, but DIDN’T know you played guitar?!? Three Taylor’s??? You obviously know a good guitar in choosing to interview Bob Taylor, but can you play guitar as well as you cook?

  • Caught AB’s Edible Inevitable show in Detroit on Saturday night and if you are lucky enough to be in proximity to one of his upcoming shows, it’s a must see. We had a great time!

  • Wish I knew you were at El Cajon. It is where I have lived since 1983. His shop is near my home. Sorry I didn’t get to say hi again. Have you sign my apron, T shirt . Which I have asked you to sign when you started Good Eat.. Glad your in our tiny town

    Thanks for being you,
    Debbie Bickford

    Ps I speak to Shirley O Corriher often, Arc.
    Great folks. Still learning from your re runs.

  • Just listened to You and Bob Taylor discuss conservation of the forest vis a vis taking an environmental position of hugging a tree. I have been in commercial printing for over 29 years and would love to convey this in a meaningful way to the print world and all those who think they are saving a tree by eliminating print from their marketing materials, etc. A tree is a multi-use item. Use it smartly. Maybe Bob & I can get together to use different parts of that same tree!
    Alton, I love listening to you honing your Browncast with each edition/issue (whichever you have decided on!). Cheers!

  • In your discussion with Bob Taylor, you spoke about Cashew Cream Cheese. Did he share with you what the yeast strain/coagulant/receipe he was using? It sounds so good I want to try at home.

    Also, other than being vegan, do you think that it is any healthier than regular addative free cream cheese?

    Thanks for the help.