Episode 11

The Alton Browncast

Geoffrey Zakarian

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The Alton Browncast #11: Geoffrey Zakarian

Join Alton Brown and Geoffrey Zakarian as they drink martinis and talk cruise ships, breakfast, and how this chef got his start. Inspired by Iron Chef Zakarian’s love of soufflés, Alton takes a closer look at the dish.

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  • In podcast #11 you mentioned that yourself and the Iron Chef enjoyed martinis. I couldn’t help but be amazed when the Iron Chef stated something along the lines of “is it shaken and very cold”. How could you possibly shake a gin martini? Has he never heard of the 10 minute martini?

    I am compelled to share with you the story about the best martini I have ever had. I have attached the website, along with the story behind the 10 minute martini. Let me tell you, it is the smoothest drink I ever tasted.

    Do yourself a favor, and try one of these magical concoctions.

    3 parts Plymouth Gin
    1 Part Dolin Vermouth
    lemon twist
    olives (optional)
    Bury in Ice for 10 minutes strain in a very chilled martini glass

    Or the other 10 minute version, The Vespar Reconsidered.

    2 parts Plymouth Gin
    1 part Blue Ice Vodka
    1 part Lillet/ Or Dolin Vermouth
    Dash of Orange bitters
    Lemon or Orange Twist
    (I like to do an Orange flame with a big piece of Orange peel) YUM!
    Bury in Ice for 10 minutes strain in a very chilled martini glass

    So please, give this a try, and I think you will never shake, or stir another martini.

  • I am interested to know if Mr. Zakarian is a member of my clan of Zakarian family.
    I know some of his history, he looks a lot like members of my family, namely my father who has passed a short time ago. He was a snazzy dresser, and he would never walk out of the house without the tie and the shoes. He was the youngest of 12 children, his family was from the country of Romania, city of Bucharest, but born in Constanta which was predominantly Armenian.
    I did read most of his interview in the Armenian magazine, it said that he grew up in Worcester , MA which I historically know that most Armenians that came to the U.S came from there, so I wonder what may be his story, I am doing a search for more Zakarians, my fathers name was altered to Zaharian due to coming through an inefficient crew of immigration officers… so him and his cousin are Zaharian instead of Zakarian, whereas the remainder of his family has kept Zakarian… so Mr. Zakarian what is your story?…and Mr. Brown thank you for this opportunity… both you and Mr. Zakarian…you are both incredible… the souffle…working hard for it…awesome hospitality..eating together…yes… but some of the end of interview was lacking some tact…Zatar is a type of Middle Eastern Curry , its brownish…and lemon zesty…feeding the face sounds lovely… no quick fixes…just use your own hands… perfect figuring out how to lose the tire… i love the fact that knowing how to make your own food…you will be thinner (healthier)…the digesting the burger and fries…aspect…eating less this way sated is much easier…this is how I learned to cook by watching cooking shows, on pbs, and then when food network started I was watching