Episode 10

The Alton Browncast

Ted Allen

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The Alton Browncast #10: Ted Allen

Alton Brown and Ted Allen dish on food competition shows and compare commencement speech strategies. Ted also tells us why you should read and not sniff wine corks and what a chihuaua has to do with Chopped. Then, Alton rifles around the pantry to concoct weird food combos from your Twitter suggestions.

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  • As EVERYONE these days seem to CONSTANTY OPINE and then whine… here goes,
    I HATE food network, and frankly both Alton Browneyes and Ted Allen , not to dare mention all the other Libby Lizards, aka: Directors, Judges, and well the now majority of “contestants, too,” I AM FAR BEYOND “overly WELL DONE!!!” Paul Deen, while she too was nothing more than a LL, at the least had PERSONALITY and approachability!!! Perhaps these are only a “few reason,” this network’s ratings have been “PROGRESSIVELY plumitting!!

    Oh, and Lady O had to show too!!! PUKE and PUKE on this $HIT!!

  • Thank You! Finally got around to listening to the podcast, and this was the one I chose. Lucky me! I’m an at home mom, so the comments about cooking and serving meant a whole lot to me. It’s what I do. Great to listen into this chat!

  • I listen to the podcast via iTunes/iPod in my car. I just listed to the Ted Allen podcast and thought of these strange combinations. Many years ago at work, we got in a discussion on what people put on their French toast. Most answers were sugar (confectioners and regular), jelly/jam/preserves and syrup. Then one of the secretaries mentioned that she grew up putting catsup on her French Toast. At first this seemed strange then we decided that in reality French Toast is really nothing more than scrambled eggs and bread. It still seems strange, though.

    Second, my brother used to eat chocolate covered graham crackers on his tuna salad sandwich on white bread.

  • Just had to let you know how much I am loving each and every episode of the Alton Browncast. I had forgotten about “Queer Eye” until listening this week.
    I also couldn’t wrap my mind around Demaris, but after hearing her chatting with you, I am now a fan. As with Alex – I was never a fan, but after your interview with her, I can understand her mind set a bit better.
    Thanks for a wonderfully entertaining hour each week

  • There actually is a network owned by Food Network that does much more of the learn how to cook shows – Cooking Channel. Check it out, especially if you’re not into the “game show” side of things on Food Network.

  • How despairing it is that The Food Network has become a game show network. It used to be a place where one could go to learn. Nothing expresses our common human interest more than sharing food and knowledge. Thank goodness for Youtube. Julia Child lives in the cyberworld.

  • “Time is my favorite ingredient.” Definitely.

    Mayo + rice = fusion sushi. Or spicy tuna rolls. (Or anything with spicy mayo on it. That’s just sriracha and mayo.)

    I was laughing as you tried sriracha and peanut butter and was craving noodles. We put like 37472729274 different sauces on our noodles. (I’m Asian)

    I used to eat a lot of fries with ice cream in college. Haha. But no trans fat fries in NYC doesn’t taste too good anymore.

  • The only thing better would have been the third person in the room, so I could ask question and make comments on what they were saying. I loved this podcast and will try to find it again. I am pretty lousy with community stuff on the web but I will try. Thanks for a get listen to your conversation …J Swann