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The Official SLEEPY HOLLOW Podcast

SleepyCast #1: The Official SLEEPY HOLLOW Podcast

Hello Sleepyheads!

Welcome to the SleepyCast: The Official Sleepy Hollow Podcast on the Nerdist Podcast Network. Please allow me to introduce myself… My name is Clarke Wolfe, your Sleepy host, and I am so excited that this day has finally arrived. Myself, and the cast and crew of Sleepy Hollow have been putting this together over the last couple of months and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that we are finally premiering our first episode.

The SleepyCast is the official podcast of the hit FOX series Sleepy Hollow. We will air every Tuesday starting this week and will recap and relive season one until the much anticipated season two premiere airing Monday, September 22. After that, the SleepyCast will continue to air on Tuesdays after each new episode airs, bringing you insight and analysis into the new episodes as well digging up info on the comic book, magazine and everything in between.

First and foremost, this podcast is for you, the Sleepyheads, the fans of one of the most popular new shows of the 2013 television season. I can tell you from working with all parties involved that this podcast is a real labor of love from everyone behind the scenes of the show: from Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman to Heather Kadin, Mark Goffman and Len Wiseman, as well as all of the writers, producers and the cast. And because they are all on board with the SleepyCast, that’s the type of access that we’re going to be bringing you every week. That means don’t be a stranger! Tell me what you want to hear on the show: what questions do you have? What topics do you want discussed? Use the hashtag #SleepyCast in your online conversations and feel free to reach out to me directly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to tell me what you want to hear!

Our premiere episode features interviews with Orlando Jones, executive producer Heather Kadin and Sleepy Hollow showrunner Mark Goffman. Don’t forget to subscribe and share!

Season 2 of Sleepy Hollow premieres September 22nd on FOX!

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