Episode 9

Sex Nerd Sandra

Answerin' Emails

Sex Nerd Sandra #9: Answerin’ Emails

Happy Hump Day! This week we unveil a new show style to throw in the mix. It’s where Sandra and friends answer your questions! Enjoy :)

Q&A: Comedians Ed Salazar & Dave Ross help Sandra Daugherty answer the tough questions. But first: Hardcore sex class at Burning Man, watching porn as a couple and Ed’s love of Kitchen Sex.

Questions from Listeners:

  • How do I tell her I don’t like her BJ’s?
  • I have HPV. Can I still have sex?
  • Look at my penis! Does this condom fit right?

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  • Hey can you start siting source materials. Like that book you mentioned in the podcast. I forgot what it was called and who wrote it and was hoping I could come here and find the info.

  • Great episode, as per usual, Ms. (mrs?) Daugherty and company. :) comics on your podcast are awesome. Hmm, are lady comics something that’ll be in the show later on? Also, what’s with the nerdist wide change from “# – title” to “title”? Just oddly OCD about something that’s not important :/ (it kept all the nerdist industry stuff in a neat little pile in my mp3 player).

    This is a hard point to write but… I think it was important for you to specify how you want to interact with the listen-ship (the bit where you said, “i’m sex positive but not here to titilate” or whatever the quote is). I haven’t considered you as someone I want to stalk (but you are very attractive to me) but adding that line just makes everything seem less… dirty. hmm, how do you separate that private life from what you are openly discussing (:/ I probably should have been paying closer attention)?

  • @Vincent S – Ha. Good questions. RE: being titilating: Talking about sex IS hot. I’m just not trying above & beyond that to provide “private time” material.

    And in terms of private vs public life, it is an ongoing tango. I whole-heartedly believe in transparency and honesty. I also don’t want to put myself in danger. There’s the dance.

    Thanks for listening!

  • Hi! I second Adam’s request. I listen to your podcast while I’m underground on the train and always plan to look stuff up when I get home. It would be super handy if you could include a quick recap of the products, books and such that you recommend.

    Love the podcast! Keep it up!

    Thanks much!