Episode 85

Sex Nerd Sandra

James Deen & Satin Sheets

Sex Nerd Sandra #85: James Deen & Satin Sheets

PORN, CUDDLING & THE RETURN OF THE TIP! Sandra giggles with James Deen over cat pictures after bedtime with Jason Porath.

TOPICS: Indian Dance Clubs, Sexy D20s, Masturbation, the Morning After Pill, IUD Removal, Whimsical Dildo Packaging, Robots, Justin Bieber, Deen’s Past & Future, TMZ, Cake vs Pie, the Most Expensive Burrito, the Biz of Porn DVDs, Mission Statement, Sexual Orientation and Hand-on-Hand Relationship Improv!

Though peers warned James Deen his skinny body type and boyish looks went against the porn norm, it actually helped him carve out a niche within the industry. Over 3,000 scenes later and Deen is now considered the top male porn star. He is the youngest ever to earn Male Performer of the Year honors at the AVN, XBIZ and XRCO awards shows. Whether filming hardcore BDSM or straight gonzo and feature adult films, Deen is always the most captivating male on screen, and his honest passion for all kinds of sex, both on and off camera, is displayed in the array of movies to his credit. The interview was recorded on-set while filming AMKingdom’s sci-fi film, Saving Humanity.

Jason Porath is a creative guy, lending his talents to the world of filmmaking, animation and comics. Do yourself a favor and click on his name to check out his blog.

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  • Sandra, please don’t think I didn’t like this episode at all, because I did like the beginning of the podcast. I think James is a pretty interesting and intelligent man, but I just didn’t care for this interview. It’s obvious you both had a good time though. I hope you’ll interview him again sometime, with more structure perhaps? I do appreciate hearing that James is pretty normal and down to Earth guy.

  • Well that definitely wasn’t what I was expecting going into this podcast. James is a well spoken individual who is certainly breaking stereotypes and misconceptions about people in certain fields of work. Awesome cast Sandra!

  • I had a similar experience with the mirena hormonal IUD. Got it taken out after 8 months, but had a major emotional crash for about 2 weeks after it was out. Found myself crying ALL the TIME for these two weeks and I wasnt sad at all! My doctor said it was unusual and probably unrelated, but there is a significant amount of info I’ve found on IUD removal depression. This has since made me a bit wary of my gyn. Either way, a year later my emotional health is back to normal.

  • Just listened to the James Deen interview. On one hand, I liked the free form conversational nature of it, on the other hand, where you both stoned or what (the fuck)? I like Deen (even as a straightish guy) and would like to have heard more about him and his world. If you had done at least minimal homework, you would have talked to him about Lindsay Lohan, making the move into independent film, his (somewhat disturbing for me) penchant for rough sex and S/M and how that impacts his personal sex life, etc. You seemed to click so I hope you get another opportunity to dig a lot deeper next time.

  • Sigh. Rixx, I do what I do for a reason and I actively chose that particular style of interview for this podcast. Those other interviews of Deen exist. Go there.

    Kon, that’s great to hear you’re back to normal. Huh, I didn’t know about post removal depression. Thank goodness it’s behind us!

  • […] video game and time travel questions, in linewith the story arc of the project. Nerdist regular SexNerdSandraqueried Deen on everything from robots and dildo packaging to masturbation,sexual orientation, and […]

  • Well I definitely can’t stand Deen after that. I love what you do Sandra, but this interview was so boring and the jokes were overkilled, which I know wasn’t your fault as he drug most of them out. Maybe screen harder in the future for whether guests can fill a substantial amount of time and have some more intriguing questions if their answers are lacking.