Episode 83

Sex Nerd Sandra

Happy Steak & BJ Day!

Sex Nerd Sandra #83 – Happy Steak & BJ Day!

‘TIS THE SEASON! Sandra brings together gal pals Yvette and Rachael for girl-talking the realities of the beej. TOPICS: Tongue genetics, BJ Class Takeaways, Important Feedback, Being in the Zone, Band Geeks, Paying it Forward, Penis Owner Tips, Reciprocity, The Glance, Swallowing, An Oral Revelation, the Beauty of Pleasure, Man Sounds, 69, Immediate Disqualifications, Penis Size, and the best phrase ever, “DANCE OFF PANTS OFF!”


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  • Was just listening and you mentioned that you love made-up holidays and I wanted to share one that my college roommates and I invented. Tough Girl Tuesday. (gender may be substituted :) ) Tough Girl Tuesday is a holiday that happens once a week and to celebrate it you do all the hardest things you have on your list for that week on Tuesday. There are no excuses on Tough Girl Tuesday. It is the day that I walk to work, confront a friend, eat mostly veggies, pay bills , call mom, wake up early or whatever I might otherwise avoid…and do it without complaining. Then I get to share with the other Tough Girl Tuesday celebrate-ers the awesome, difficult thing I did that day. It’s pretty awesome.

  • this is my first listen to this show, and I really enjoyed it! I don’t know why, but it made me happy to hear the women of this show making an effort to be great at oral. Most women I’ve dated/ had sex with felt like the effort when it comes to head was lacking/unenthusiastic. I love the perspective here! Nice job!

  • Embouchure is the way we use our mouth muscles, rather than muscles themselves, as you know (by now! at least)…and as a former brass player, it has just occurred to me that the brass embouchure is perhaps rather helpful in developing one’s cunnilingus technique, or at least stamina (the side benefits of music education–keep it in the schools! To say nothing of honing rhythm…).

    And as you know, and as we know, you’re doing a great job with this series, and illegitimi non carborundum…looking forward to the future episodes with and without Dave in them.

  • Chunk-style is also often a function of not having ejaculated recently…thinner tends to happen with greater frequency…at least in direct experience…(I had a bumper sticker that read “Vegetarians taste better”…I thought it was essentially a joke, but my most experienced womanfriend has noted that we definitely taste different…)

  • Good podcast. This might just be my perspective as a male or maybe its a slid between experiential talk, science talk and gender-normative assumptions that i’m not keeping up with, but data suggests that there is a fairly small difference is how often oral sex is given between genders (the data varies by age). Though it seems common in your experiences.

  • Wait, I was under the impression that V-day is the same in East Asia, but White Day is where girls give things to boys? Well, either way, it’s pretty clear that these holidays are pretty one-sided

  • Pffttt. The 14th is Pi day. Celebrated with pie.

    PIE. Might as well just call it vag day! Don’t you try to take this wondrous day from us dudebroskis. -shakes fist-

  • YES! YES! The taste of the cum is determined by the male’s diet! One guy never ate fast food and packaged vegetables. He ate fresh vegetables and drank lots of water. I’m serious, his cum was the best tasting cum I’ve ever had in my life. Even the skin on his penis was tasty. So, yes we really are what we eat. Men, please pay attention

  • Steak and BJ day was a very enlightening episode. I want to say that my wife has no problem receiving oral sex. ^_^ She would love to receive it every day. I liked the “inside story” on how your brains are working to keep things moving, so to speak: mouth-hand-mouth-hand-hand… I do the same thing while performing cunnilingus. It is good to know that I am “normal.” By the way, when is the “Eat Pie and Cunnilingus” day episode?

  • Besides the ones already mentioned, I think we should create a whole bunch of new holidays:

    Tacos and Handjobs Day
    Duck à l’Orange and Pegging Day
    Crabcakes and Watersports Day
    Popcorn and Junior Mints and Fingering in the Back Row of the Movie Theater Day
    Cole Slaw and Exhibitionism Picnic
    High Tea and Teabagging