Episode 53

Sex Nerd Sandra

More Than the Tip with…

Sex Nerd Sandra #53: More Than the Tip with Chris Hardwick!

BLOWUP DOLLS, VIRGINITY and PANTY RIPPING! Nerd king Chris Hardwick & Sandra’s BFF Yvette Baker join Sandra & Dave on stage for a one-year anniversary full of laughter and stories. TOPICS: Love confessions, Marc Maron’s Jedi Trick, Puttin’ Your Cookies on the Table, Sex Nerd Sandra Origin Story, Catholic Shame, Virginity, Doctor Who Role Play, Tardis Dildo Sounds, Clit-Blocking, Nerd Dating, Junk Grabbing, Dancing Tips, Hardwick Choreography, Sexual Tension & many, many Thank Yous for a wonderful year.


A big thank you to Artists Angelina Cardone & Larry Holdaway for donating wonderfully sexy artwork for our anniversary pre-show giveaway at Nerdist Theatre.

Angelina Cardone is a painter and mixed media artist whose work focuses on sexuality and co-opting traditional womens crafts as social and political commentary. Please enjoy her work at

Larry Holdaway is an artist and musician who uses technology to explore erotica, sexuality, politics and religion. Feel free to enjoy his work at

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