Episode 46

Sex Nerd Sandra

The Invisible Bisexual

Sex Nerd Sandra #46: The Invisible Bisexual

PANSEXUALS, OMNISEXUALS and OPPORTUNISTS! Dave and Sandra talk orientation. Sandra talks with Regina Reinhardt, Ph.D of The American Institute of Bisexuality about what it means to like everybody. Topics include: The importance of bisexual research, swinger communities, bi males, bullying, the Kinsey scale, tough relationship choices, and fun terms like bi-attracted, bi-curious, poly pan, and more!

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  • Hmmm… Sandra, it’s nice to have an academic point of view, but I think you can do better than this with the topic. How about inviting on someone more enthusiastic and less generally negative about bisexuality? How about the Adam guy you mentioned? It’s time bisexuality was no longer treated like a curse! Love your work. tx

  • Nothing pisses me off more than people asking weather I’m really bi
    they wouldn’t second guess me if I told them I was gay

    This one guy claimed I was lying, and I’m like “yes cuss I’ve got so much to gain, like being ostracized by both heteros and gays”