Episode 35

Sex Nerd Sandra

Kiss and Make Out

Sex Nerd Sandra #35: Kiss and Make Out

TONGUE TIPS! SALIVA SCIENCE! WANDERING HANDS! Comedian T.J. Miller cracks us up and helps school us on the fine art of the smooch. Live show topics include: Kissing Chemistry, Pre-Kiss Prep, No-No’s, Communication, Lip Softening Tricks, Kama Sutra, Spine Tinglies, Foreplay and Over-the-Clothing Pleasuring!

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  • Hey Sandra

    As a token Brit you made me laugh with your “Go forth and make out” as it reminded me of the semi polite altenative my family used for fuck off. They used to say “go forth and fornicate”.

    Anyway the shows are always awesome and TJ was a great guest.

    Keep em coming. (possible new tagline ahoy)

  • Tj was awsome and is like to say I’ve also liked him on every nerdist podcast I have heard him on. His new podcast cashing in with tj is also enjoyable. Keep in mind you can pic and choose what you want or dont want to listen to. Don’t like something keep it moving.

  • This was my first time listening to your podcast. So great!
    Love laughing while talking/listening about sex, it’s a great combination.

    I didn’t want it to end. I’ll definitely be back for future eps. and will schedule in checking out past eps. I could be here all day. :)