Episode 3

Sex Nerd Sandra

G-Spot TMI

Sex Nerd Sandra #3: G-Spot TMI

Listen in on Sandra’s 2nd live show at NerdMelt with Sex & Relationship coach Catherine Toyooka. Our TMI-filled gab fest about the G-spot includes sex toy fencing, vaginal acoustics, anatomy fun, and what’s up with female ejaculation. Boy do we say “vagina” a lot this episode!

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  • I’d wondered if women’s ejaculate was similar to natural vaginal lubricant (scent and viscosity isn’t too different–but, then, I never wear the white coat), but I suspect there’s not too much simple sugar in the lube (or is there?). Since male mammals have nipples, it’s not too surprising that females can produce seminal fluid (hello, evolution, that approximate/only the damaging things get weeded out process in many ways)…nor that some women might find the nerve stimulation in anal sex similar, to that of some men (prostrate/sponge stimulation, that is, in this case). And since men can ejaculate without orgasm, no reason why women shouldn’t (and not that the non-orgasmic ejaculation doesn’t have at least its own somewhat less intense pleasure-feeling to it). As someone who’s never worried too much about what’s wetting my chin during cunnilingus (with at least one partner, I was often more intent on not getting my upper lip hit a bit too hard on first orgasmic thrust), I’ll second (or third) your assertion that if there was a urine release, not a big deal. (But, then, I’ve never gotten a “golden shower” thus, and the ejaculate certainly doesn’t smell like urine.)

    I’m certainly glad you say “vagina” a lot! The metaphors at the beginning might’ve been, um, coming a little thick and fast for catching them all at first listen…and too much cute euphemism usually doesn’t help, and I’m glad you don’t engage in such.

    Good show.

  • “prostrate”? was that the computer spell-checker or my brain’s subbing for prostate?. Hm.

    And, I’m surprised you don’t see too many hapa folks around So Cali, Ms. Toyooka…you do rather resemble my aunts, when they were your age…trip over to the Sandwich Islands, maybe…

  • Sandra… your podcasts have been awesome and WOW dude super informative … especially this one! Always been a fan of the posts but now its like your speaking to me… oh wait I left your podcast on while I was typing…. a doy ;)

    Seriously you and Catherine were great and loved all the episodes so far. Man Nerdist has got me following 3 podcasts now jez! :)

    Thank you SNS!