Episode 25

Sex Nerd Sandra

Orgasmic New Year

Sex Nerd Sandra #25: Orgasmic New Year

Sandra shares simple tips for amping up your orgasm. But first, naughty new year’s resolutions, clit anatomy, a unique premature ejaculation solution, and producer Katie pops her SNS cherry. Also, Dave must ice his balls and Sandra treats his face like a vulva.

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  • It was kinda weird hearing Sandra give a shout out to Orson Scott Card, since he is a huge anti-gay activist and this show is all about being open minded to types of sexuality. I did love Ender’s Game myself, and his views never really come across in his writing, but I can never bring myself to buy his stuff since I know what that money will probably end up supporting.

  • @Casey, that is really saddening to hear, I love Ender’s Game and the first sequel, Speaker for the Dead…OSC always seemed kinda weird though, and it showed in his writings, for better and worse… I haven’t listened to this podcast yet to see if this is what Sandra mentions, but some of the sexuality in Ender’s Game was a bit…discomforting. I’m guessing she doesn’t know about the author’s personal life and views; I certainly didn’t until now.

  • I love this podcast! For an awkward, nerdy virgin with a strong libido listening to this makes me feel a little less awkward and and makes me smile every Wednesday. Thanks for providing a witty, informative bright spot in my sexless week.

  • Well, if you really don’t want to support Orson Scott Card directly then you can purchase the book from a used bookstore or buy it used on a website (like Amazon). That way you can still experience the amazing writing of the book without feeling like you are directly supporting someone whose views you don’t agree with. My opinion is that people should just art on the merits of the art, and not according to the creator’s personal views, but your opinion is your own. :/

  • In software development we use the term vanilla to refer to the default version. I think that works well enough for penises too. Vanilla penis. Sounds good to me. If not you can call it an ordinary penis, although that isn’t specific in that it does not express that it isn’t circumcised.