Episode 145

Sex Nerd Sandra

Rejection, Rage and #YesAllWomen with Dr. Chris Donaghue and Barbie Davenporte

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Sex Nerd Sandra #145: Rejection, Rage and #YesAllWomen with Dr. Chris Donaghue and Barbie Davenporte!

TRIGGER WARNING! Sandra searches for understanding and insight in the wake of the Isla Vista shootings. Therapist Dr. Chris Donaghue and writer Barbie Davenporte weigh in.

TOPICS: Terrorism, Mental Health, Relationality, Chicken or Egg, Fragmentation, Disassociation, Fox News’ Homosexual Impulses, Othering, Entitlement, Babies & Puppies, Misogyny, Gender as Social Construct, Universal Needs, Alpha and Beta Males, Healthy Anxiety, #NotAllMen, Compassion & Empathy. THEN: Feminism, Equality for All, More Hashtags, Comic-Con Upskirt Photo, Parking Lots, Gay Bars, Jamaican Street Harassment and Club Humping.

On Violence Against Women: “You know what perpetuates this? The continualized forced and flawed distinction between men and women as two discrete and separate categories.” –Dr. Chris Donaghue

On Choosing Compassion: “You’ll be better served in life by having a larger capacity for empathy.” –Dr. Chris Donaghue


Dr. Chris Donaghue is a licensed clinical therapist, nationally certified sex therapist and doctor of clinical sexology and human sexuality. He is nationally recognized as a sex and relationship expert, appearing on Logo TV’s Bad Sex, and having been featured in Newsweek, and seen on CNN, OWN, Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers, and National Geographic.

His first book, “The New Sex,” is due out in 2013. His personal website and blog is Follow him on Twitter (@ChrisDonaghue)

Barbie Davenporte is a writer and editor in L.A. who blends professional journalism experience with themes surrounding gender and human sexuality to open the minds of the masses, one raised eyebrow at a time. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter (@BDavenporte).