Episode 108

Sex Nerd Sandra

Fantasy Fail

Sex Nerd Sandra #108: Fantasy Fail

LIVING UP TO THE SEXPECTATION! Sandra processes a strange and wonderful group experience with her BFF Yvette and boyfriend Chris. TOPICS: Poop Feelings, Birthday Surprises, Dressed to Kill, Hot Girls, X-Rated Butt Jiggle, Circulation Issues, Blood Sugar Issues, Erection Issues, ALL THE ISSUES!



  • I don’t envy the job of trying to moderate or edit the words that come out of every guest on the show, I don’t know if it should even be attempted. And I understand everybody is allowed their preferences. But would it have been fine to air if the comment had been “I called everybody and their momma, who wasn’t black or horribly unattractive” ?

  • I did appreciate the warning at the beginning, but I do wish you’d edited the comment out. This is one of those situations where I definitely wanted the information that was in the podcast- i think it was really interesting to hear a real-life sexy experience like this processed- but I wasn’t really sure where the comment was going to be and it was for sure a bit triggering. *shrug* In the end it’s really up to you whether or not to edit, but definitely please do keep warning us for stuff like that.