Episode 101

Sex Nerd Sandra

Dave & Sandra Hug it Out

Sex Nerd Sandra #101: Dave & Sandra Hug it Out

LOVE, TEXTING & CRYING! Sandra and ex-co-host Dave Ross play catchup. TOPICS: Dave’s new podcast Terrified, Dave’s Love Debacle, West Wing, Offical Crying Plans, Macklemore, Trampoline Dodgeball, Sandra’s Vague Love Life, The Mixer Board of Love, Dave’s Penis vs. Sandra’s Vagina, Hustler, Text Messaging Etiquette, and LOL vs hahaha. Check out “Terrified” on the Nerdist Industries podcast network!

Dave Ross used to co-host this show!  He’s @davetotheross on twitter and his new show, Terrified, just debuted right her on Nerdist.


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  • Good to see Dave back. Show hasn’t been the same without him. I was one that agreed he could sometimes go a little too much, but overall his joking around, as others said in his fairwell podcast, was a away to connect the “layman”

    I’ll definately check out his podcast. Still was good to see him back, but sad that he isn’t staying.

    No offense meant to Sandra, but the show really lost something with him leaving.