Episode 22

Nerdist Writers Panel

Dan Harmon, Kyle Killen,…

Nerdist Writers Panel #22: Dan Harmon, Kyle Killen, Chris McKenna & Charles Murray

Dan Harmon (Community creator’s return engagement!); Kyle Killen (creator, Lone Star; co-creator Awake); Chris McKenna (Community; American Dad); Charles Murray (Castle; V; Criminal Minds). Recorded October 16, 2011.

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  • I loved this episode. I could hear Dan Harmon talk all day… I liked his previous appearance on this podcast, and his two from Indoor Kids. I really like Charles Murray as well. Get him back on the show, but all in all I liked this episode quite a bit.

  • […] In my chapter, I suggest that literary authorship is built on a model of origination, where an author is known primarily as the origin of ideas and source of creativity – I think much of the popular notion of television authorship is still tied to this idea, where the credited writer and/or known creator is hailed as having come up with all of the ideas we see and hear within the show. This is the underlying assumption when we talk about Community capturing Harmon’s vision or voice, which I’ve read frequently in the past few hours. But for television, origination is only one of the functions of a showrunner – as the term implies, running a show is more central to the job than originating it. Television is authorship by responsibility (making the final decisions for everything) and management (leading what amounts to a multi-million dollar corporation). And by Harmon’s own admission, he was a pretty crappy manager (for some insight, listen to the Nerdist Writers Panel with Harmon and his now-former 2nd-in-command Chris McKenna). […]