Episode 121

Nerdist Writers Panel

TV Year in Review, Part 2

Nerdist Writers Panel #121: TV Year in Review, Part 2

TV Year in Review part 2 with Josh Friedman (Avatar sequel; creator, Sarah Connor Chronicles), Jeff Greenstein (director, MomWill & Grace), and Cathryn Humphris (Elementary).

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  • You’re Dern Tootin we feel cheated not having a S 3.

    JF, Yes, you threaded the needle well.

    Yes, we are better off not knowing, because we would spend all our time arguing about whether or not that direction would have been best, or have been at all.

    I suspect never have so many felt so bereft at the loss of a TV program. And with good reason.

  • Great show, it didn’t fell like two hours ;).

    Now, I realize nobody saw it, but can we ask for a show about Treme? How, despite very low number of viewers, HBO paid for 4 seasons of it? How differently it tells a story? How accurately, nearly like documentary, it shows life in New Orleans? How it still has flaws and often it bluntly plays on viewer emotions. Is it brilliant, or is it mediocre? I’d really like to listen to such discussion. Only, if you could find at least two people who saw it ;).

  • […] With the cliff hanger endings like the Sopranos finale, and an unsatisfying wrap up when a story is cut by a network- Pushing Daisies, Fire-Fly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Veronica Mars- it is hard to understand how the writer wanted us to interpret a piece. For people there is a need for an ending. However, an ambiguous ending can hold potential for interpretation of a work and that’s what makes it stand on it’s own once it’s out of the writer’s hands. This is talked about in the Nerdist Writer’s Panel Podcast. […]