Episode 471

Nerdist Podcast

Work It Out

Nerdist Podcast: Work It Out

The guys sit down for another somewhat serious hostful. Chris and Jonah talk out some problems they have been having and Matt mediates!

Artwork by Shane Rossy

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  • Man, that was like witnessing mom and dad having an argument while they thought the kids weren’t listening.
    I’m glad you’re figuring it out, and I’m glad that you trust us enough to share this kind of thing with us.

  • Guys. GREAT episode. Chris, Jonah… Matt. Love you guys! Jonah, we’ve all been there. Sometimes we bail on those we feel like will understand the most. Chris sometimes by being ‘that guy’ you get bailed on. Great talk!

  • I love these honest episodes.

    I’d hope that there’s never an official, written in stone goodbye to Jonah. If he just shows up now and then it would be better than never having him around.

    Good luck with your acting Jonah.

    How much was Kyle salivating when there was even a mention of Jonah leaving?

  • Wow.
    First up: this podcast proved a LONG standing theory of mine wrong…i dont believe in “reality” shows as i dont..or rather didnt…think anyone could truely be themselves when being monitored by an audience (sort of a werid pop culture take on Shroedingers Cat Theory). This show proved me wrong. Another incredibly personal and deep hostful. Thanks dudes.
    The hostful also provided alot of insight and backstory to the intricacies of the three of you’s backstory and inter-working relationship. Y’all walk a tricky high wire tightrope walk of friendship, podcast relationship, and carrer relationship. Those paths align alot but also go in different directions at times..which is the way it should be…but also a difficult one with tricky decisions. I had planned on commenting alot and theorizing alot regarding some possible deeper reasons for the friction with Jonah….and then realized i have no right to do so as this is something that you guys are working though. However…as a fan…i will say this…

    You three have a bizzare kinda-sorta-symbiotic relationship that results in something bigger than the sum of the parts. Its evident when you do podcasts together for sure…but moreso…its impacting each of your individual lives and carreers in ways that are not as black-and-white. I dont want to get too specific with examples but one that came up, talking dead, is a great one: Chris has this show because of his unmatched talent in being able to comfortably host and discuss pretty much any panel-forum format situation..its a gift. However i think that one element that played into his getting the role was the early Nerdist evolution into zombie culture via Jonah’s love of it. Same goes for Jonahs Bing gig…he likely evolved as a candidate because of his connection with nerdist thanks to chris. And not leaving you out of this…you, your comedy, and timing, have grown leaps and bounds though this podcast thanks, i think, in part to your brothers.

    Soooooo what im trying to say is that i totally get and agree with both sides of the discussion and just hope that y’all continue to work together, when you can, in whatever capacity you can, as i think in the end it will continue to help each of you as individuals.

    Peace .n. Group Hugs


  • An INTRO-LESS episode of the podcast?!
    What if I were blind? How would I know what number this one is?

    Thrilled about the recent string of Hostfuls so close to each other!

  • I appreciated the level of vulnerability shared in this episode. It’s given me pause to consider what kinds of seeds I sew in my own life. Out of curiosity, might reading “The Nerdist Way” help Jonah balance keeping his professional commitments while also pursuing his artistic/creative passions? I mean, I’m sure Chris gave him a copy, right?

  • Don’t commit to work responsibilities if you can’t keep them. I’m sorry but it’s one thing to not be there as a friend but it’s another to be unprofessional even if it is in the pursuit of your dream.

  • We live in a strange world where you would do this or make the kind of announcement that Chris and Chloe did (to their friends for the first time) on a recorded show for an audience.

    It reminds me of all of the times Jonah has “joked” that they don’t have to have the mics on all of the time to have a friendship.

  • Ha! You Made It Weird with Matt Mira! Love it!

    You can really tell when the guys have a lot going on in work because that seems to crank out the serious discussions. When there isn’t as much going on, the podcast seem to take a goofier, funnier tone. I love them both, but it’s especially interesting to see the reality of how life affects everyone! All three of you are great, and thank you for doing what you do in all of your creative outlets!

  • It seems like Jonah’s career path is moving him away from the nerdist podcast and other shows and is seems like Chris is at odds with being friends and at the same time a boss in a way. I hope Jonah is able to do shows periodically as he does auditions.

  • Piecing together an explanation for why people are the way they are and what drives them, based on everything you know about the person, sometimes doesn’t add up. It’s a fault of mine and I do it all the time. It’s even worse when you’re left alone in your own head for too long to stew over the situation.

    If I didn’t jump to conclusions, I wouldn’t get any exercise at all.

    It’s beginning to cause me concern that certain personality traits of mine align with the things I’ve been hearing on the hostfuls the past few weeks. I want to reach out to help, but feel like it’s overstepping my bounds as a fan….

  • It would be cool to just have the three of you only doing “Nerdist” related things, but that just can’t happen. It would be like living in your parents house for the rest of your life.

    In the long run everyone just wants to have their friends succeed at what they truly want to do. This episode was very real and completely accurate.

    P.S. Matt was kinda right about the grudge thing. If someone really fucks with you, tell them what they did wrong and see if they will try to fix it. If the don’t just forget they exist until they realize they are shitty and apologize and try to fix things.

  • First off, great episode – it’s terrific to hear you guys talk things through. Secondly, the reason I listen to the podcast is because of you guys, not the guest. I’ve listened to almost every podcast, whether or not I know who the guest is – it’s your interaction with each other and with them that makes me want to listen. So, whether it’s just Chris and a guest and all three of you and a hostful, I’ll keep listening and I’ll always appreciate your perspectives.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  • While I appreciate how the three of you worked out your issues, I think you guys were particularly mean towards Earthquake. The man may be fat, but you don’t need to put rollers underneath the building he’s in. You don’t need to spackle around the man. C’mon guys, that was just mean. Man served for his country in the Air Force. Give the man some respect :-)