Episode 299

Nerdist Podcast

Tom Kenny returns!

Nerdist Podcast: Tom Kenny Returns!

Voice actor extraordinaire Tom Kenny comes on the show to talk about doing silly voices, getting out of speeding tickets, and how crappy Christmas songs can make you feel!

Get It’s A SpongeBob Christmas!

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  • The public at large(abetted by the news media) never really registers when a sensational accusation turns out to be false–ask (as noted) Fatty Arbuckle, Robert Mitchum, & the original nationally over-covered pre-school molestation case(I forget the school’s name). And, the idea that a misquote/hearsay/out-of-context remark isn’t enough to ruin a reputation almost never holds up, either. To his dying day, my brother-in-law(who was in music/broadcasting & had access to the real story), still wouldn’t listen to Elvis Costello because he once drunkenly tried to bait(in public) a music biz hypocrite who was trying to pass himself off as a champion of African-American pop music.

    Very funny episode, by the way. Love the way you guys & Mr kenny riff together.

  • Wow it still perplexes me how much time has passed.. That live podcast with Willard and Kenny was the very first live podcast show that I ever went to… I even got the opportunity to make the poster for the show through the node website… so much has changed in my life since then and somedays I wish time could just slow down.. can’t wait to listen to the podcast….. I always love the rare podcasts with voice actors and directors from the animation field

  • Poor Jonah!! My husband and I LOL’d big time at his “ugly Peanuts” joke. Not only were they all ugly, but think about poor Pig Pen: having the courage to go to school everyday covered in filth and jumping with scabies and knowing that everyone is going to call him Pig Pen. But he still goes to school. He still shows up. Those sad little kids have a lot of heart.

  • I too could never stand Peanuts as a kid either. The underlying darkness was a bit much for me back then.

    And just because it’s been driving me crazy, Chris talking over the guests (and Jonah) has been getting worse. Maybe it’s just me, it’s a pet peeve of mine.

  • I had no feelings about the Peanuts but I loved Snoopy. I had a dog named Snoopy!! I loved his World War II battles against the evil Red Barron!! It was epic!

    @CH running towards happiness vs. running away from sadness. I think I do both. There are times when I know I’m running towards happiness. This is when I plan on doing fun things like heading down to DC to see The Hobbit with a bunch of Nerdist. But I know when I’m running away from sadness. But that running away inspires me to do things like podcast or write or pester celebrity comedians. Just make sure you aren’t running so much that you forget to enjoy your burrito.

  • As a child I wasn’t a fan of Peanuts, but I read it anyway because I thought I was supposed to and wondered what I was missing. As an adult a came to realize it is a really weird comic, with the absense of adults. The cartoons mumbles just made it weirder.

    And then I got it: there are no adults. Something has happened to them, and the children are left to fend for themselves. I’m not sure if a adult-killing Star Trek Plague killed the grown ups or if the kids did, but all that is left in that tiny town is a bunch of mad children trying to survive, keeping their bodies alive by discarding their sanity.

    Just wanted to share.