Episode 267

Nerdist Podcast

Tom Hanks

Nerdist Podcast: Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks! Tom. Motherf–king. Hanks. What more of a description do you NEED than that? Is the fact that we talk about Tom’s career, NASA logos, Storage Wars, vintage typewriters, and blasting caps going to influence your decision any further to enjoy this very special and hilariotastic episode?? Well I guess it should, because Tom made those all really fun things to talk about. And those rumors about his being the nicest most down-to-Earth fellow? ENTIRELY TRUE.

Extra thanks go to Ashley Olivia, Allison Diamond, Josh Cummings, and Katie Levine.

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  • EXCELLENT Episode. What Tom says about having no excuse to NOT do what you want to be doing is so dead on. You might have to do it for free for a while, but if it gets good enough then someone will pay you to do it. I’m working toward that right now.


  • Great Interview! Tom Hanks sounds like someone who always wanted to be on Nerdist. He just has this amount of enthusiasm for just riffing with you guys that really comes through in this episode. Can you just offer Tom Hanks a job at Nerdist? He can be like a one of those tenured comedy professors that just pops in once and a while and gives a lecture about whatever is on his mind. In my dream for Nerdist, Tom Hanks and Bill Murray would give professorial comedy debates on the Nerdist network where they would riff about typewriters, storage wars, and NASA.

  • TOM HANKS!!! Wowww! That’s like EPIC, man! Either Mr. Hanks is smart enough to know that the target demographic Nerdist audience is 10 million strong and growing, or Mr. Hardwick is JUST THAT GOOD. Methinks it be a bit of both. I can’t wait to listen to this. I think I may even download it and listen to it as I go for a walk! …Which is TOTALLY out of character for me. Thank you, Chris Hardwick. You’ve inspired me to better myself.

  • What a coup for you… Chris Hardwick. Tom Hanks was a great guest and you really got him to “nerd” out. I am so happy!! Remember this ,as well as all the the others, that you bring hilarity too on a regular basis whenever some “troll” goes negative on you. I love your ‘Cast and so do many many others. So ignore the few that don’t appreciate quality “FREE” entertainment and remember that your work makes many people laugh their asses off.

  • Damn it, Hardwick. I liked it better when I didn’t know who was coming up on future podcasts. Before, like in this case, I was pleasantly surprised when guests I enjoy on their own right were on the podcast. Now, I know that you’ll have Larry King and Gabe Newell at some point and I’m just anxious as fuck to get to those so when stuff like Joe Casey (no disrespect, it was an enjoyable podcast despite me not knowing about him beforehand) gets posted, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed that it’s not the guests I’m looking forward to.

  • i’ve never actually squeed out loud before in my entire life. i never knew i was capable of making such a noise until i visited the Nerdist Podcast section of this website today and saw Tom Hank’s picture on it.

  • Mr. Hanks was a fucking mondo guest!

    I always wondered if, after having Colin on, you guys would be lucky enough to score dad. It sounded like having him as a guest was achievable, just via different means.

    Just watched “The Man With One Red Shoe” again on Sat. night. One of my perpetual Tom Hanks favorites.

  • Big C brings the heat on podcast guests!
    This beats Maron getting Robin Williams, John Hamm on Comedy Bang Bang, or that Jordan Jesse Go with Margaret Thatcher.
    Now that I think about it, I think that second one was a dream I had.

  • Love Tom Hanks, great pull on this guest. If you guys ever get in a podcast war with another podcast, you can just say “we had Tom Hanks… BITCH!”.

  • Awesome. Awesome. Awesome ep. Great to hear all you there together. When Tom Hanks ribbed Matt for rambling and saying he was falling asleep it instantly reminded me of when Jonah or Jenny Wade would fake snore as Matt went on. Hilarious.

  • is it weird that when i saw that poster of nerdist Tom Hanks i said Mutherf-kin Tom Hanks no way. and the first words i read after where Tom. Mutherf-kin. Hanks XD the best

  • Tom Hanks! Yes! Yes! Yes! Tom is the true man behind Comedy and Drama. I enjoyed his work on; Road to Perdition, Charlie Wilson’s War, Bachelor Party, The ‘Burbs, and That Thing You Do! This is top notch. I hope you interview Robin Williams for an upcoming podcast episode. Please do.

  • First time leaving a comment. You guys absolutely rock! Tom Hanks is my favorite actor of all time and this episode was just amazing to discover. Keep up the good work with the podcast!

  • Thank you, that was most excellent to listen to! I will have to be careful of listening to future podcasts in the library, I caught more than a few looks for giggling like a loon :)

  • @toonsmyth – “Mr. Hanks is smart enough to know that the target demographic Nerdist audience is 10 million strong and growing…”

    Me – “We are Nerdist kids.” :CLAP: “Ten million strooooonnggg…and growing.”