Episode 552

Nerdist Podcast

Todd Glass Returns

Nerdist Podcast: Todd Glass Returns

Hilarious fellow Nerdist network podcaster Todd Glass laughs it up with Chris and Jonah! Todd talks about writing his book The Todd Glass Situation and the relief that overcame him after he came out, and the guys do sad spit takes!

Listen to The Todd Glass Show! And buy his book The Todd Glass Situation!

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  • This one had me seriously laughing! So great to hear Todd’s moving coming out stories mixed with hilariousness. The Nerdist guys are always so great with gay issues. One of the reasons I’m such a big fan. The hang up ending was awesome! This is an exceptional episode from and always enjoyable podcast!

  • Damnit Chris, you really let me down at the end of this one. I loved the whole podcast but with that end bit; how could you not go from “Yeah, I’m just really upset Chris, you know, I just put my dog down this morning and I’ve been depressed lately” to “Wow Todd that sounds rough, well, hope you ‘enjoy your burrito’ ::CLICK::”.

  • Ok seriously I don’t understand how Todd loses weight eating in the middle of the night.  I work overnights and I have done nothing but GAIN weight.  Doctor and all my reading say what Chris sorta mentioned that your body doesn’t digest stuff you eat in the middle of the night properly.  So Todd I need your secret.  Lol.  Seriously.  I have a wedding to get healthy for.  :P 

    All in all great episode though.  Loved the bleeping bit.  I am kinda of curious if they were really saying it or just hey katie bleep this.  Lol. 

  • Does anyone know what episode it was with the dude that did the Paul McCartney impersonation? The “We were just 4 lads from Liverpool” thing? I know it was from this year but can’t remember who the guests were or what number ep it was. It was ridiculously funny, if you know the answer I’d greatly appreciate a response. Cheers