Episode 241

Nerdist Podcast

Thomas Jane

Nerdist Podcast: Thomas Jane

Thomas Jane (and a special super-cute guest of his) sit down with Chris and Matt to talk about Deep Blue Sea, the DIY revolution in the film industry, and the KickStarter for his video game Bad Planet!

Click here to support the Bad Planet KickStarter!

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  • Holy shit, Hardwick. You banned me? No more Fantas! on Nerdist? Adorbs. I thought you were an internet free-speecher. Wil Wheaton should slap you. Ask him nicely to do so next time.

    Anyway, love Thomas Jane.

  • So many cool things in this episode!

    Bel Air Witch Project… yea remember that (around here it’s pronounced B’lair) putting MD on the map and yes, it’s about as boring as he says.

    America in Miniature my ass. More like how LeVar Burton described it this past weekend — the Schizophrenic State.

    Not that I’m aware of ever running into Thomas Jane, but I used to haunt the old Barbarian Book store too. Floor to ceiling bookcases stacked full of everything imaginable, and all over the floors, in magazine racks, etc. You could get lost in the place, literally, after walking in the front door.

    And yes, there was a man with a form of… kyphosis that worked there. I damn near lept out of my chair, cheering when TJ mentioned him. Wonder whatever happened to that guy….

    It’s moved once or twice in the past 20 odd years and is now Barbarian Comics. A more… clutter-free comic shop now under new ownership and management. But still a staple in the NW DC area.

    And the Six Billion Dollar Man pitch, with Jane starring as Steve Austin, would be awesome. But only if he wears the red track suit. And he’s not schitzo like Barry Dylan. :-D

  • Thomas Jane mentions In the Realm of the Senses and you all just sit silent? Goddamn. None of you know anything about film beyond Back to the Future, do you? Nerds, indeed.

  • i frakin’ LOVE that you guys all dig Deep Blue Sea! I enthusiastically sing praises about this flick anytime ‘sharks’, ‘Sam Jackson’, ‘LL Cool J’ or ‘parrots’ get brought up in conversations. Happens more than you might think…just saying. NerdON!

  • Love the podcast! Just caught up. Did I miss the Dan Harmon podcast somewhere? I heard the guys talking about it when I was going through them all, but never actually heard it.

    Keep up the amazing work! Thanks for making my life at work so much better!

  • @foontoos/farntas: Wil also has a “don’t be a dick” rule. You are a dick. You do very little other than insult people. You’re generally a pathetic troll. I will continue to remove you because this website is not a government. It is my domain. Dissenting opinions are welcome but you are just an asshole. Go away a lot.

  • Fantas…Farntas..whatever you prefer to call yourself.. why do you keep coming back to the boards just to try to get a rise out of people. I understand that they didn’t cover topics that you wanted covered in the discussion. But why such the hostility? Instead of saying something such as “Man I wish you guys talked about the Realm of Senses more…or Have you guys heard of the Realm of Senses? Its a really good series that has Thomas Jane. It would be cool to talk about if you have him in the podcast again.” But you decided to start off by telling Chris that he doesn’t know anything about movies except for Back to the Future and all he did was sit in silence?
    Obviously the interview didn’t make a connection with you and I understand that… There have been podcasts, art, movies, and books that I did not like or feel like it was up to my expectations.. That didn’t cover the issues or topics I wanted or the stories I wanted to hear . When this happens often in material such as in a podcast or a television series (which seems to be happening to you for the Nerdist podcast) there is usually two productive options:
    1.) Continue searching for something that makes a deep connection for you. Whether it be a book, podcast, tv series, movies, etc.
    2.) If you can’t find it that unique voice: Then create that voice, that opinion. Draw, write, collaborate, do anything that to get what you think is a good insight or thought about the world we coexist in. And hopefully you make make that connection that you seek with other people.
    I hope this helps Fantas/Farntas I truly do. Because coming back and ranting about every detail or aspect of the Nerdist boys won’t help you find what you are looking for. It’ll just keep making you angry/frustrated. Best Wishes.
    -Jacky Dan